Friday, April 08, 2011

...and I'm back! Sort of.

Hey everyone!

I have a moment this morning to get out a blog post!  yay!  And I thought that I would entertain you with some baby pictures. :)  We took a "family portrait" on our first night home (which was last Tuesday) and we took another last night, which happened to be my birthday!  Fun, cake, and ice cream for everyone!

Well, everyone except Zoe, but she didn't seem to care.

(click on the pictures to make them bigger)

So I guess that I am now a Mommy Blogger. :)  I have a feeling that a lot of my posts will be about the baby, what it's like to be a new mom and hopefully I can sprinkle in some humor and talk about other things as well.  But it may be tough.

I'll try to avoid posting anything that belongs on this website:

Although I am afraid I may have done that already with posts about my dog...

So what is new with me?  Well, obviously, the baby!  She was delivered via c-section which was almost an emergency and last minute.  We are both doing well and she got a perfect score on her first pediatrician appointment yesterday.  She is very strong and healthy and pink and I had no idea that my baby could smell so good.

I was very concerned about bonding with her.  I am not really a baby person.  I would read other mommy blogs about how they were in love with their baby when they hadn't given birth yet and all I could think was "How am I supposed to love this weird alien parasitic (sp?) creature inside of me?!"

So about a few hours after her birth, I was shocked to feel attachment, love and a yearning to see her.  They had taken her to the nursery for baths and tests and other things and all I wanted for the rest of that night was to see her again.  Due to the c-section, I couldn't move.  :(  As soon as she was back in my arms, then I relaxed.  This surprised me and it was a VERY pleasant surprise as I didn't know if I would bond with her right away.  I consider myself lucky that I did.  Not everyone does right away and I expected to be in that category.

Right now I am at home, recovering.  My parents are here helping out which is great because Anthony needs to make up the work he missed while I was in the hospital for a week.  I never knew what a c-section recovery would be like.  I didn't know I couldn't drive or do dishes or stand for long periods of time.  The only thing I knew was that I couldn't lift heavy objects and I was supposed to avoid stairs.  I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to bend over or lift something off of the ground.
I can't even pet Oscar!

During labor, I told Anthony that I was looking forward to being able to tie my shoes and sleep on my stomach.  It will still be a while (a few weeks) before I can.
I can't get back to kickboxing for 6-8 weeks.

But...if the baby is sleeping, I can blog!

And eventually I will try to reply to all the emails I have received, if I don't get to yours, please write me again!  I will try to respond.

For now, I will end the post so I can try to get ahead on the few things I can do.  I had no idea what being a mom was like.  Mom's are the toughest ladies on the planet!  Maybe in another two months I will be a pro!

I may post a few more pictures next week, but after that I will try to avoid pictures of my baby online.  I don't want her to grow up and realize I publicly broadcasted her life online. :)


Lana said...

What a beautiful family you are! Take your time, and as your blog title starts to say, "Dani do it your way!" Enjoy and congrats again!

Marybeth @ AlarmClockWars said...

You look great! And your daughter is adorable! Oscar seems to be adapting well, good to see that, too! Glad to have you back, as you're feeling up to it!

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