Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dani Didn't Do It

I didn't get dressed today.  I just never found a good opportunity and my pj's were very comfy thank you very much.  I have made an effort to get dressed everyday.  Brush my hair, brush my teeth, etc.  But not today.

Today I brushed my teeth.  But I haven't brushed my hair.
I took my vitamins.   I did one load of laundry.  I played with the baby.

And oh yeah, I fed her and changed her and did loads of pumping of breast milk.

I guess I did a lot today.  It just *feels* like a lazy got nothing done kind of day because I am still in my pajamas.

Oops, I forgot to make the bed.  Hey wait, I'm in my pj's, the bed is unmade anyway...and baby is sleeping...NAP TIME!

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Lana said...

LIKE! Now you are getting the hang of being a mom! ;-) The weather here was definitely a PJ kind of theme. YUCK!

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