Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Give a New Mom a Heart Attack

How is this done?   Your new baby sleeps through the night for the first time.  Whoa!

Last night we fed her a bottle at 9pm.  We have started to give her more food during the day because she was starting to sleep longer at night (going 5 hours between feedings) and she was skipping one of her meals.  We had been feeding her six times in a 24 hour period, but she was getting only 5, so we upped her amount of food.  We know this was helping her go longer between meals, especially at night.  In fact, we had 5-6 nights of her going 5 hours between meals.

Last night she was WIDE AWAKE after that meal.  I hung out with her for a few hours, but then gave up and went to bed.  So she stayed up with Dad for a while.  He reported this morning that she fell asleep around 12:30am.   At around 3:15am, I woke up.  Not because someone woke me up.  It was probably because I have been waking up at least once a night since last Christmas.

When I woke up, I realized two things.

1.  No crying baby woke me up and it had been at least 6 hours since her last bottle!
2.  The monitor wasn't turned on.

So I thought maybe I just didn't hear her and she was awake.  I got up to check on her.  She was making her little baby noises, but she wasn't really awake.  A well-trained parent can recognize this.  I turned on the baby monitor and crept back out.  All without touching her or waking her up. 

I went back to bed and thought "in about 15 minutes she will wake me up for the bottle".  I fell asleep within minutes looking at the monitor in my bedroom.  The next thing I was 6am!  Holy Crap!

This time I jumped out of bed.  I could hear her fussing.  I checked on her.  She was fine.  Just her usual "I'm hungry get me a bottle" fussing.  I fixed the bottle, and we had the NICEST morning.  Lots of smiles and no spit up while eating.  Wow...a morning like this was VERY welcome and much appreciated.

Can we get a repeat performance tonight?  We are definitely going to try!


Martha Grace said...

Aww she sounds like a very easy baby!
I have my fingers crossed for that repeat performance! Yay! =)

Jo said...

I remember the first time You slept through the night. You should have had Anthony go check on her, like I did :) with your Dad.

Lana said...

I know it scares the poop out of you that first night that your baby doesn't wake you up at night. Congrats though. Enjoy the extra uninterrupted sleep stretch!

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