Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Baby Crack Addiction

Crack is cocaine right?  Did you know that I am addicted to my baby?  She is like baby crack.  I love her smell, her face, her smile.  I don't even mind those exploding poopy diapers.  But especially that smile and little lights up her face and mine...and now there are scientific studies that prove it's true!

Check out this article:

And I quote (from the article above):

"Dr. Lane Strathearn, assistant professor in Pediatrics at the Baylor College of Medicine, and a developmental pediatrician at Texas Children's Hospital, helped conduct a study that showed mothers pictures of their own and other smiling babies (as well as infants with sad or neutral faces). Their responses were recorded by MRI. "When mothers see their own baby's face, 'reward' centers of the brain are activated, similar to when a cocaine addict gets a shot of cocaine!" Dr. Strathearn says. "It's like a 'natural high' that I believe stimulates responsive care-giving behavior, and strengthens the mother-infant bond.""

Who needs drugs?!  I got a baby!

If you know me well enough...send me an email (or comment here, and we will figure it out) and I will send you a video of my very own baby crack.  I was lucky enough to capture it on video this morning, yay iphone!


Jennifer said...

Send me the baby crack, Dani!! -Jen Blair

Dani said...

Done! :)

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