Monday, May 09, 2011

My First Mother's Day

Good morning everyone!  Look how early I am getting out this blog post!  I finally set up the laptop in the kitchen.  It will probably stay there semi-permanently until I go back to work.  I want to get some studying done for some certifications I am working on and I want to just get back on the computer.  I need to "practice" before I go back to work.  Which basically means I need to try and remember my passwords, get back to my internet surfing and blog posting.  :)

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  We had a good weekend here.  Anthony had to work through most of the weekend and he didn't get home until really late from his trip to NH on Friday, so I felt kinda bad about that.  Poor guy is working really hard.

My first Mother's Day was great!  Saturday night we went out to dinner with Anthony's family.  I got my second Mother's Day card at dinner.  (The first came in the mail on Friday)  A few of Anthony's relatives got to meet the baby for the first time and we took loads of pictures and had a loud, fun, italian time!

I got another card from my friend Katie and I also got a few emails wishing me a Happy First Mother's Day.  It was really nice. :)

So what did Zoe and Anthony do for me for Mother's Day?

Zoe got me a great present.  She went 5.5 hours between feedings Saturday night through Sunday morning!  yay!  We have had a few nights in a row now (5 and counting!) of her lasting at least 5 hours.  She isn't necessarily sleeping the whole time, but she is for most of it.  We have started to adjust her feeding schedule so that she gets more food during the day now.  Yay!!

Anthony also did some nice stuff for me for Mother's Day.  He wasn't sure what to do, so he did what any techie would do, he googled it.  Most of what he found on the web told him he should make me dinner.  That wasn't a very good suggestion because he makes dinner most nights. :)   So instead he decided he would clean the house!

I thought this was a great present.  My house really needed cleaning.  So Sunday morning he made me breakfast (not in bed, I had to get up for the baby and pumping breast milk anyway) and then we both pitched in and got the house clean.  Now if we can only keep it this way...

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