Sunday, May 01, 2011

Pregnant Again.

Did the title of the post scare anyone?  haha, no, I am not pregnant again.

I just look it.  I'll explain in a minute.

I got a Moby Wrap at my baby shower.  What is a Moby Wrap?  Check out the website:  Basically it is a giant long piece of cloth that you wrap around your body like oragami and then somehow manage to squeeze your baby into it and they will be secure, comfortable and still be able to breathe.  Yeah right.  The instructions for this thing make it look VERY easy.

I have been practicing for over a week.  Zoe gets very upset with me when I try to put her in it.  Maybe I should have practiced with the Buzz Lightyear first like I did with the car seat. 

Today I finally managed to figure this thing out.  I think.  At least Zoe is sleeping and not crying.  She isn't falling out.  She seems to be breathing properly.  It feels comfortable.  Sort of.  I can't really lift my arms too high and forget bending over.  (Good thing I practiced all of those squats in kickboxing!)

So here we are...
I looked at this photo and my first thought was "whoa, I look pregnant again!".  So I thought I would share that with all of you. :)  I don't actually look pregnant at all without this wrap on.  In fact, I went to Old Navy today and actually bought a shirt in a size MEDIUM!  Yay!  Go weight loss before I got pregnant!!  (see my posts from 2010 for more info there)

So why am I wearing my baby as the latest fashion accessory?  A couple of reasons.  #1, it's called skin-to-skin contact.  Okay, so we are fully clothed but the point is that having the baby on my chest where we can feel each other, keep each other warm and smell each other keeps us both calm, relaxed and happy.  I'm hoping it will help with that whole "relax" thing.  I don't do that very well.  Ever since the baby was born I have been unfortunately back to myself.  I'm not calm and relaxed anymore like I was the entire pregnancy.
#2, Wearing the baby like this helps with producing breast milk.  We need more milk!

and last...but not least...I LIKE IT!  Seriously, if I had my way, I would do nothing but sit in my recliner with the baby on my chest all day long and not get up at all.  Wearing the baby just feels good.

I'll try to post more this week if I can.  My plan tomorrow is to set up the laptop in the kitchen so that I am able to access the internet more quickly.  But first I would need to find that laptop....

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Lana said...

You two look like two peas in a pod! ;-) Glad you are figuring out all the fun contraptions that go with being a new mom! Have fun with it all!

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