Monday, May 23, 2011

Running Sneakers

I put on my running sneakers today.  It felt really good to slide my feet into them.  They were comfortable, just like I remembered.  Just putting them on made me feel ready for some exercise.

I didn't go for a run.  I didn't even go for a walk.  But I did go down to the mailbox to make sure my Netflix movie gets returned. :)  Oscar went with me.  (this is a really short walk, not like we live out in the country where someone's driveway may be a mile or more long)  But while we were outside and I was wearing my running shoes, I decided to play with Oscar a bit.  I was feeling so good, I decided to race Oscar around the house.  He took two detours (one into the woods and one around the cars) and he STILL beat me.  I'm outta shape.  And my dog is fast. :)

I also unpacked a bin of my clothes from the attic.  This was specifically my work clothes that I was looking for.  I'll be going back to work in a few weeks and I need to make sure I have stuff to wear.  At this moment, I don't have too many clothes that fit me properly.  Weight loss plus pregnancy has really changed my body.  I'm hoping I'll start losing some more weight soon though, because I found a pair of jeans that fit me just before I got pregnant...and they don't fit me now.  :(

Looks like those running sneakers will get used sooner than I thought...

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Lana said...

Hang in there. Your body DOES change after a pregnancy. I am a bit surprised your shoes fit! I had to toss all my high heels after the girls were born; my feet had grown! (I wasnt' too upset at that though. They were never my favorites! Flats are my thing now!)

Good luck shedding those last few pounds. They will come off.

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