Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Steak and Cheese

Ok, I will post about the zoo tomorrow, with pictures even.  But today I want to talk about something more important.  The destruction and ruin of a good steak and cheese sandwich.

If you have ever had a good steak and cheese sandwich, you know that they are some of the best things on earth you could eat.  I mean, we are combining meat and cheese, melting it all together and putting it in a convenient carrier: bread.  Some people like to add mushrooms, onions and peppers, etc.  I just love plain steak plus cheese.  MMmmm, yummy goodness.

However, I have recently noticed a trend at sub shops.  They are making this sandwich incorrectly!  It's a travesty!  And honestly, I HATE the sandwich the way that they make it.

A steak and cheese sandwich should have the steak grilled up on the flat top grill.  Once cooked through, cheese should be added.  It should be melted and mixed in to the steak, so that it is all combined and ooey gooey goodness.  What I am finding is that sub shops are just putting the cheese on top of the steak, letting it melt for a few seconds and then flipping it into the sandwich.

Do you know what happens when they do that?  The cheese sticks to the bread and not the steak.  It becomes one with the bread.  And then you have a dry, plain steak sandwich with some plastic-tasting bread.  It's nasty.  I think the other way this is happening is that the person making the sandwich puts the cheese on the bread (not even cooked!) and then puts the steak in, thus creating the same effect.


I have now reached a point where I will need to ask the place where I am ordering this sandwich how they make it.  This will be embarrassing, but if they don't make it correctly, I don't like the sandwich and I don't want it.  I don't know why they are making it this way, is this being taught at culinary institutions?  Is it a food safety issue?  Why would they make it this way?!?!

I have been to 5 different places in my local area, and they are all doing it this way.  It's a travesty.  I am so disappointed.  This used to be a guaranteed favorite meal of mine, no longer.  :(

It's a sad day indeed when D'Angelo's can make my sandwich correctly, but the local sub shop cannot.  Boo!

If anyone can tell me where I can get a great (properly made!) Steak and Cheese Sub/Grinder, please let me know.  Okay, end of rant for today.  I'm really craving one of these sandwiches, but it just ain't worth it anymore.  :(


JoAnne said...

At Home! Dad makes them all the time, just the way you like it. They taste just as good as the ones from Boston, promise!!

Lana said...

Good news~! Fair season is coming soon; they are always great places to find a steak and cheese sandwich. Sometimes you just have to ask the butcher at your store to shave your steak and make them at home! YUM!

Ronja said...

I totally agree... the best steak and cheese I ever got was from D'Angelo's. There really should be someone else who can make it well...

Tara said...

New England Roast Beef has an AMAZING steak and cheese. Definitely made correctly. And I agree with you 100%

TC said...

There is a hot dog and steak and cheese vendor that does business outside of The Dive Bar in Worcester. It's available most Friday and Saturday nights at about 1am.

Given that it's in Worcester, only available late at night, and this is 4 months later, I doubt it is relevant, but I figured I'd post it.

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