Thursday, June 30, 2011

more tomorrow

I'll post some good stuff tomorrow.  About Harry Potter...yay!  I'm so excited! :)

In the meantime, a few people wanted to know if Oscar got to sleep in the middle of us the night of the thunderstorm.  No he did not get to sleep with us in the bed.  It's a very rare occasion that we let him sleep with us.  Like freezing cold night and he needs some warmth type of night.

Besides that, he has had a lot of ticks on him this summer.  EWWW.  I don't want that in my bed.

More tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Video Surveillance...for my baby.

I have one of those new spiffy video monitors for my baby.  It has a lot of bells and whistles too.  It plays songs and has a nightlight.  It can tell me the temperature in her room and even send me an alarm if it goes above or below a certain temperature range.  It has a two-way walkie talkie type feature where I can chat with her in her room if I want.

[Booming voice heard from somewhere in the room:  go back to sleep!]

It also has night vision.  This is the coolest and creepiest part of the entire contraption.  So cool when the lights are off and I can still see her.  So creepy when she looks directly at the camera and it looks like something from one of those scary movies I don't like to watch.

When we first started sleeping in our room and the baby in her own room (6 nights after coming home from the hospital, thank you Anthony for forcing me to do this!) we (meaning I) would leave the sound on so that I could see and hear if she needed me.  Now we (again, I) turn the sound off.  Our house is small enough, I will definitely hear her now.  But I do leave the video on.  I like to peek if I need to and see how she is doing.

Maybe it's the paranoia in today's world about SIDS, but I like to see if she is still breathing.  Plus it's just amusing to see where in the crib she is at.  She moves and talks in her's pretty funny.  It's mostly the talking in her sleep that had me shut off the sound.

My mom has tried to convince me to turn off the video, and to just turn off the monitor completely...that I will wake up if she needs me.  She is worried that the light from the monitor is affecting my sleep.  (it might be, dunno) She also gave me the "back in my day" speech about how they didn't have baby monitors and not only did I survive but she did too.  Because let's face it, these monitors are not for the BABIES.  They are for the parents.  Or in this case the Mama.  Anthony isn't worried about her at night. :)

Last night however, I was VERY happy to have a video monitor.  We had a huge thunderstorm.  There was lots of rain, thunder and lightning.  At one point a huge clap of thunder shook the house.  It must have been directly above us.  It was enough to scare the you know what out of me, and I was already awake!  (The rain woke me up because our windows were open.)  I had already been up to close the windows and had just drifted back to sleep when that loud clap of thunder shook the house.

My first thought was: "Oh no...Zoe is going to wake up!" 
My second thought was: "She must be scared!" 
My third thought was "Oscar must be scared!"

I didn't worry about Anthony.  He sleeps through EVERYTHING.  He probably won't even know we had a storm last night until he reads my blog. :)  So what did I do?  Did I jump up to check on my baby(ies)?


I turned my head and looked at the monitor.  Yes, she was awake.  She was looking quite startled.  But after about 30 seconds, she must have decided it was all a dream and rolled back over and went back to sleep. 

(On her side yes...but that's another blog post. Yes, she sleeps on her side, not her back, I'm over it.)

So I didn't need to get out of bed, I didn't have to check her, she was fine.


He was right next to my bed staring at me with a look that clearly said "Can I sleep with you and Daddy?"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Temporary, I promise!

Hello everyone -  Do you like my festive Fourth of July blog?

I'll be honest, I don't like it very much.  This is just temporary for this week while I figure out all of my changes that I will be making on my blog.  As promised, I have changed a few things.

1.  My background.
2.  The color of some things, like the title of the blog.  I know it makes it hard to read and even plays tricks on the brain...does it appear to be moving or 3D like to you?
3.  I changed my profile picture to fully embrace my "Mommy blogger" status.  I may not always blog mommy things, but let's face it.  I am a Mama.  And I'm a blogger.  It's inevitable.  Kind of like digital music and e-books. I must embrace the change, not fight it!
4.  I added some links to websites and blogs that I check out on a daily basis.  Well, it used to be a daily basis.  Now it's more like a "whenever I get the chance" basis.  I will remove links that don't get updates very often.  I will still subscribe to them in my google reader so I know if they update, but the links will only be for frequent updaters.

Now I should warn you, some of these links may bring you to websites with colorful languages and not safe for work pictures on the websites.  Or maybe even stuff that is absolutely disgusting (STFU, I'm talking about you.)  But I am an adult.  Yes I read websites and look at websites with "colorful" themes, topics, etc.  It's time for me to stop pretending.  So, Mom and Dad...and Mimi too...and all my other relatives...I can't pretend to be an innocent kid anymore.  That's Zoe's job.  I get to be a grown up!  (Just don't make me get rid of my toys...)

I'll be making more changes and adding more links to the blog later this week.  Here is just a taste of the changes.  Oh, and I do know one person who needs to look at that STFU website.  Oscar told me all about it.  If you read it, you will know who you are.  :)


Friday, June 24, 2011


I have had many changes in my life lately and I have more coming with the move.  But I am also going to make a few changes to the blog!  (oooOOooo....exciting!)   I am going to change up the colors and design (I haven't done that in a while) and I am going to add more blogs that I read and follow on a regular basis.

I realized the other day that I "lurk" on some websites and blogs but I don't exactly advertise that I follow them.  And I thought, hey, why not?  I'm not embarrassed to admit I lurk on some mommy blogs...or some blogs with colorful language and topics...

I also have an idea for a new blog.  So I may be starting a new one.  Maybe.

I might bring those ideas here instead of a new blog.

So cryptic huh?  I guess you will have to stay tuned to see what I am doing.  :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

If I had facebook...

If I had a facebook page...

and I was going to post random thoughts that no one cares about,

(for example, "taking a shower!".  Really?  who needs to know that?  Should I post what my dog did in the front yard?  exactly.)

Then right now I would post:  "If I eat my lunch now, what will I have for lunch?  Why am I so hungry!?"

Maybe I will make this a new "feature" on my blog.  Stupid facebook status updates.  Or tweet like things.



So we are moving next month.  So long state I have lived in since kindergarten.  Even when I went to college, I still didn't leave the state.  In fact, I have teased my family many times that they all left ME and that I stayed.  This came up because my parents moved out of state and far away and I don't get to see them as often.  It also comes up because back in high school, when I was looking at colleges, my mom told me that she hoped I didn't go to an out of state college because then she would never see me.

So I stayed local.  Then everyone left the state.  Eventually my sister came back, but now I'm leaving my sister behind.  I know it sounds funny to say it that way, but I do feel like I am leaving people "behind".  My sister, my closest friends, my favorite places to visit.  My hair dresser!!!  Who is going to do my hair?!

Yes, this is as important as finding a pediatrician and daycare for my baby.

Zoe doesn't care that we are leaving.  She won't ever remember living here.  In fact, someday she will probably ask where she was born and it will seem like some very far away place that she may never visit.  Kind of like where I was born.  (In Mississippi, if you were curious.)  I don't think I will ever visit where I was born.

I'm also sad to leave our daycare provider, she is great with our baby and looking for new daycare is a little stressful.  I LIKE this one, what if I don't like the next one?  Plus she gave our little girl a nickname, and it's cute, I'm starting to pick up on it.  I'm not sure if it will stick, but she calls her "ZoZo".  We also call her "Z-Monkey".   I pick one of the shortest names in the world for our baby, and we come up with nicknames that are even longer than her name. :)

So where are we going?  What will it be like?  I don't want to say too much about the location since this is a public blog.  But I will tell you this.  There is a nice yard.  It's up north.  It's not in the city.
If you know can email me and I will send you more details.

It's close enough for friends to visit and it gives us a shorter drive to my parent's house in Vermont.  There, that's enough details for ya.

I'm prepping for a yard sale this weekend, if anyone wants to join us and sell stuff, let me know.  It is a multi family yard sale, the more the merrier!  I will be working on that all day tomorrow, so I hope I have time to post tomorrow.  I already know what I want to write about...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More anniversary stories

More about moving tomorrow.  We are headed north, and we are going next month.

Instead of a post, you should read this really funny story here:

I need to write more funny stuff....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2nd Anniversary Review, The Rabbit Hill Inn

This year for our anniversary we decided to stay at another bed & breakfast in Vermont.  We chose (well actually, I chose!) The Rabbit Hill Inn.

  (You may remember that last year we also stayed at a B&B in Vermont.)

We liked it so much, we decided to carry on the tradition.  We stayed at a B&B, ate some fancy food and even visited two farmer's markets!  We also got to try a new vegetable called a kohlrabi.  We really liked that veggie, probably because Anthony cooked it up with some bacon.  Who doesn't love vegetables that taste like bacon?

We had a really fantastic stay at the Rabbit Hill Inn.  This place was five star first class service all the way...and it's in the middle of nowheresville, VT!  Actually it's located in Lower Waterford, VT.  If you look at the price of a stay there, you might say "whoa, that's expensive", and well, it is.  But it was worth every penny.  I was especially impressed with the attention to detail and the service from the owners of the inn.  When I booked my stay, the form I filled out online asked about the reason for our visit.  I mentioned that it was our 2nd wedding anniversary.  It also asked about allergy concerns (I think, I forget, but I did make note that I had allergies to try and avoid down feather pillows.)   When we arrived we were given a tour of the house so that we knew where everything was located.  We were shown to our room and the owner, Leslie, made a point to tell me that the bed, pillows and linens were all feather free.  There was even a note welcoming us, saying Happy Anniversary and again mentioning the lack of feathers.

In the afternoons they serve tea and lemonade in the parlor.  They had an assortment of snacks and pastries and I was looking for something that was nut free.  We sat down and started chatting with an older couple (who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary) and then someone from the kitchen brought me a plate.  He said "I made this up earlier this afternoon, everything on this plate is free of nuts."  I got a special nut-free plate of goodies.  How excited was I?  Pretty excited!  Especially because I was hungry!  I did let Anthony try some of it, but I mostly ate the whole thing myself.  :)   We were feeling pretty pampered at this point, and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet!

We got ready for dinner (dressed up, their restaurant is not casual) and we went down to dinner.  It was a price-fixed menu, with all sorts of pre-course, appetizer, first course, main course, dessert, pre-dessert...AND a post-dessert.  This all made Anthony very happy.  He also got to try some foods that he has never had before, including veal brain. Yep, baby cow brain.  I avoided that.  I also avoided the calamari mango thing they put in front of me.  Secretly I was happy there were "tater tots" on the menu as I really just wanted a burger and fries.  :)   My tater tots ended up being deep fried mashed potatoes.  YUM!  They melt in your mouth.  I seriously may need to learn how to make those.  My tater tots came with some beef tenderloins which were incredibly good as well.   I can't remember what our pre-dessert was, but the dessert I got was the BEST dessert I have ever had in a restaurant.  It was called a Summer Freddida and it had berries, custard, cake....and just yummy sweet goodness. Normally I don't like custard, but I liked this custard!  The best part?  When they brought out my dessert, in chocolate sauce on the plate they wrote "Happy Anniversary!" 
Yes I ate my dessert and THEN I thought to take a picture.

Yet another special touch.  Notice I haven't mentioned much about what Anthony ate?  That is because mine was so awesome, I barely remember what he had.  I think some cheese plate for a dessert, maybe some tar tar for a first course?  Who cares, my food was awesome and I don't typically go for this fancy stuff.

At the end of dinner we got our post-dessert which were some chocolate truffles.  We had picked up strawberries at the first farmer's market we went to on the way to the inn, so we decided the truffles would go with the strawberries and would be close to chocolate covered strawberries. :)   We decided to take a short walk to walk off the "full" feeling from dinner and we went back to our room to change our shoes...where we were greeted by a surprise on the door!  They had left a heart that hangs on the knob that works as the "Do not disturb" sign at the inn.  Attached to the heart was a note saying we could keep the heart!   We thought that was pretty neat...and then we opened our door.  They had already been in and cleaned up the room!  We felt bad because we had kind of left our stuff everywhere when we changed for dinner.  The bed had been turned down!

And the two stuffed bunnies that had sat on the bed....they were now making out: cute.   This was a theme of course, over near our jacuzzi tub for two:

And when I commented on the theme (there was a tapestry on the stairs with bunnies kissing as well) Anthony said to me: "Well, they don't call it sleeping like bunnies."  :)  That cracked me up. :)

Speaking of our jacuzzi tub for two:

It had what we called the "Kanye West" Rubber Ducky:

So then after dinner we went to bed early.

Haha, again, like last year, did you think I was going to share all the details?  We did get a really good nights rest.  It was a great evening for us both and it felt good to sleep in, even if that was only 7:30am for me. :)  The next morning we had a really great breakfast (so much food!) and we went to another farmer's market where we picked up some coffee and kettle corn.  So many more details, but really too much to write about.  This post is getting long....

Anthony also got me a "non-anniversary" present and it was waiting on the bed for me when we arrived.  It had a really nice note attached to it as well.  What did I get?  I got the latest Nook e-reader!  I'm very excited about my present!   Thank you Anthony!

Here we are, last year:

Here we are, this year:

What are some of the differences?  Well, my hair is longer and Anthony's is shorter.  Last year you may all remember that I was losing weight and was succeeding at my quest to be in great shape.  Well, this year I weigh about 10 pounds heavier, but I think that's okay since I had a baby. :)  So that is our biggest difference from last year, now we have a baby.  Anthony also works a new job working from home....and soon we will move!

More about the move tomorrow!

Monday, June 20, 2011

2nd Wedding Anniversary and babies watching TV.

Today is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary.  We celebrated this past weekend and I can't wait to post all about that.  I also have pictures!

There are many exciting things happening right now and I will blog all about it, so look for good updates this week.  We have found a new place to live, so we will be moving next month, I need to pack, put together yard sale items and donations.

Zoe is almost three months old!  I would say she is getting so big, but she still seems tiny to me. :)  And speaking of Zoe, I may be a bad mommy.  I have her watching her first tv show.  Well, she has sort of watched some tv before, while Anthony and I were watching stuff.  But this is the first time I put her down in front of the tv and said "here kid, watch this."  Actually I didn't say that.  What I really said was "Oooh!  A kids movie!  What fun!" in a little sing-song baby talk voice that always confuses my dog.  Oscar is convinced that I am talking to him all the time and is very disappointed when I am not.

So why did I put on this movie?  It's baby sign language.  It's because I need to learn the signs too, so I figured I would put it on.  It looks like she is watching who will learn faster?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey Baby.

My husband and I call each other babe.  Usually something like "Hey babe, what do you want to watch tonight?".

This drives my mom nuts.  She hates that we call each other "babe".  To her, it sounds derogatory. She doesn't like hearing my husband call her daughter "babe".   This is funny to me since I call my husband babe as well.  When I thought about it, I guess it's the equivalent of someone calling me "chick" which I found offensive in junior high.    Maybe I should say "Hey chick" to my husband instead?  In high school and college, chick became "chica" and "chickie" as a pet name to some of my female friends.  I still use it when writing them emails.  "Hey chica" is a popular way for me to start my emails.

So this past weekend Anthony and I were looking at a duplex to rent and when we left, I was walking in front of him.  I heard behind me "Hey baby." and I said "hey baby" right back.  Then Anthony said, "I wasn't talking to you."

I was walking ahead of him, carrying Zoe in her carrier.  She was facing him and looking at him, so he said to her: "Hey baby."  Which works since she is a baby.

I think this is the end of "babe". My husband either has to learn my name or come up with something else.  In fact, I can't remember the last time my husband actually used my name unless he was talking to someone else about me.  I think this is because he doesn't like that my nickname sounds like a boys name.  This even came up this past weekend when our friend Jamie who married us told us how his mom thought he was performing a gay marriage.  He had to explain that Dani was a girl. :)  I use Anthony's name all the time....he doesn't really use my name.  So he needs to come up with something else for me.

Or stop calling the baby "baby". :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Bird Update: Happy Ending?

We have put the bird back in it's nest.  We think.  There are three nests up there (above the entrance to our building) and we picked the one that had another baby bird in it.   While this was happening, the mama or daddy bird watched us and then immediately flew into the nest once we vacated.

Hopefully, this was the right nest and the poor little guy doesn't get vacated.

BTW, we read online that if you find a baby "nestling" bird (no feathers) the best thing to do is to put it back in the nest if possible.  Second best would be to make a new nest out of a margarine tub or bastket, put some grass in it and hang it in a tree as close to the nest as possible.  And contrary to popular myth, a mama bird will not abandon a baby bird if you touch it.  Phew...I feel much better.  We did everything we possibly could for this bird.  The rest is up to Mother Nature.

Baby Bird Update

I was wrong!  It is not dead.

Unfortunately what I found when I went back outside was a second baby bird that was dead.  My co-worker who I had asked for help with the baby bird had already picked up the other one and put it in a box.  It is now in a box outside under a bush near where it was found.  The instructions from the animal rescue place told us to do that.  But now what?  They said the mom will take care of it on the ground.  But will she?  And what about the cats in the area?  Can the mom somehow magically carry her baby back to the nest?  AAAAGGGHH!  I'm so worried about this baby bird!   It's so squirmy and helpless!  It doesn't seem right to leave it on the ground in a small cardboard box.   :(

My New Mom Brain...and Heart.

I arrived at work today for my second day.  As I approached the entrance, I saw something tiny and pink and squirmy on the ground near the door.  It was a baby bird (so young, no feathers yet) on the ground, squirming.  It had fallen out of it's nest.

Kill me now.  Immediately my eyes started getting filled with tears.  My brain and body shot into action mode.  I needed to do something about this NOW.  This was a baby, and it was suffering.

I have always felt softness and kindness towards anything innocent and helpless, and especially animals.  But this is a new feeling.  This is feeling sorry for the animals in the pound TIMES TEN.

Now, I do still have a very logical brain.  I know that every spring/summer baby birds probably fall out of nests all over the world and that many of them probably don't make it.  I know that there are animals and people suffering all over the world and there is not a thing I can do about it.  I know that if I waste my time thinking about it and feeling bad about it that I could waste my entire life worrying.

But this one is RIGHT THERE.  In front of me!  What am I supposed to do?  Leave it?  That doesn't seem like a good option.  It's going to be hot today and it's already sitting in the sun.  Move it?  Probably a bad idea, if the Momma comes back, it may abandon it.  Do I do the most awful thing I can think of and put it out of possible misery?   There is NO way I could do that, but I might be able to ask someone else to do it for me.

Nobody prepares you for these things in life.

So what did I do?  I found a guy in our building who takes care of everything and he has been here for years.  I told him about the bird.  He said it happens every year.  He told me he will move it, it's what he has done in the past.  He said sometimes they make it.  I did do a Google search and apparently it's a myth that if you touch a baby bird the parents will abandon it.  Well, that's good to know.

In the meantime, how am I supposed to work all day thinking about this baby bird?

I just snuck back outside to check on the bird.  Unfortunately, I think it is now dead.  :(  I don't know if someone did it, or if it's time was just now.  This makes me really sad.   Seriously, a girl who rarely cried can now cry buckets of tears at the drop of a hat.   Where was all of this when I was doing theatre in college?

Want another example of my new Mama Brain/Heart?  Anthony and I went to see the movie Sucker Punch about a week and half after Zoe was born.  There was a scene where the heroine had to kill a dragon to get to the next part of her mission.  She had to kill a baby dragon.  The mama dragon was PISSED.  The main character then had to kill the mama dragon.

I was rooting for that mama dragon.  

That little blonde you-know-what would have gotten what she deserved.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Heat Wave!

This evening it was 83 degrees at 8:30 at night.  It was hot, sticky and I felt nasty gross.  Plus just being too warm makes me cranky.  It made Zoe cranky too.

What did Anthony decide to do?  He decided it was an excellent time to make a lasagna.  Yes, a lasagna.
This means hot stuff on the stove and hot stuff in the oven.  Did I mention hot?  Yes, he is crazy.

And guess what?  Tomorrow we are supposed to get record high temps.  Lucky for us, well, lucky for Zoe really, friends of ours gave us an A/C.  We put that in Zoe's room tonight.  I have a feeling she will sleep like a baby. (haha)

Me?  I might just sleep in the recliner in her room.  :)

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Back to work. Part 2.

I am officially back to work.  So far, it hasn't been too bad.  Everyone really missed me apparently!  :)

It definitely makes you feel good when everyone welcomes you back with great big smiles and tells you they missed having you around.  Even people who don't work directly with me said that.  I feel special. :)

Everything I needed to remember for work has come back slowly.  At first I thought that I couldn't remember any of the administrator passwords.  But when I sat at my desk and was facing the screen, my fingers just typed them automatically.  It's pretty cool when your brain and body can remember something, even if you don't. How does that work exactly?  I don't know.  But still very cool.  Especially since I don't think my boss wants to train me all over again.

So overall, back at work isn't too bad.

But I also miss my baby.  I did get a phone call from our daycare provider this morning with a quick question.  I could hear my baby crying in the background.  Kill me now.  How am I supposed to keep it together now?!  I was good though.  I didn't cry.  Instead I called my mom.  :)

Mom's are great for advice and bringing you back down to earth.  Pretty cool that I get to be one now.

Thanks Mom!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Back to work.

I head back to work tomorrow.  I would be a liar if I said that I was happy about it. :)  I would love to stay home with my baby.  But I also know that daycare will be good for her.  And it will be good for me to get some "grown up" time and a break as well.

Now I just need to try and remember how to do my job...

We have a lot going on this week.  Relatives are coming in from out of town.  I go back to work.  Zoe starts daycare.  We have a doctor's appointment.  And Anthony's Nana passed away this weekend.  Busy busy busy.  Which means I need to get done all the stuff I was going to do all

I better get going. :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

On Vacation

Hey folks...I'm on "vacation" so that is why I haven't been posting.  I'm not really on vacation.  I'm on maternity leave and trust me, that is NOT vacation.  I go back to work next week.  What I meant was that I am not at home and while I have plenty of access to computers and internet, I just haven't been online.  Too much to do, so little time.

I had someone request that I post more funny blog posts.  I would love to do that...but I don't have anything funny to write about.  My life is feed, change, pump and repeat.  But then I realized that I could probably write a whole bunch of funny stuff about that.  So I will try to come up with something soon. :)

Look for more messages from me next week.  I go back to work, Baby Z starts daycare.  I'm glad I don't have to drop her off and that Anthony gets to do it.  I probably would never leave. :)