Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2nd Anniversary Review, The Rabbit Hill Inn

This year for our anniversary we decided to stay at another bed & breakfast in Vermont.  We chose (well actually, I chose!) The Rabbit Hill Inn.

  (You may remember that last year we also stayed at a B&B in Vermont.)

We liked it so much, we decided to carry on the tradition.  We stayed at a B&B, ate some fancy food and even visited two farmer's markets!  We also got to try a new vegetable called a kohlrabi.  We really liked that veggie, probably because Anthony cooked it up with some bacon.  Who doesn't love vegetables that taste like bacon?

We had a really fantastic stay at the Rabbit Hill Inn.  This place was five star first class service all the way...and it's in the middle of nowheresville, VT!  Actually it's located in Lower Waterford, VT.  If you look at the price of a stay there, you might say "whoa, that's expensive", and well, it is.  But it was worth every penny.  I was especially impressed with the attention to detail and the service from the owners of the inn.  When I booked my stay, the form I filled out online asked about the reason for our visit.  I mentioned that it was our 2nd wedding anniversary.  It also asked about allergy concerns (I think, I forget, but I did make note that I had allergies to try and avoid down feather pillows.)   When we arrived we were given a tour of the house so that we knew where everything was located.  We were shown to our room and the owner, Leslie, made a point to tell me that the bed, pillows and linens were all feather free.  There was even a note welcoming us, saying Happy Anniversary and again mentioning the lack of feathers.

In the afternoons they serve tea and lemonade in the parlor.  They had an assortment of snacks and pastries and I was looking for something that was nut free.  We sat down and started chatting with an older couple (who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary) and then someone from the kitchen brought me a plate.  He said "I made this up earlier this afternoon, everything on this plate is free of nuts."  I got a special nut-free plate of goodies.  How excited was I?  Pretty excited!  Especially because I was hungry!  I did let Anthony try some of it, but I mostly ate the whole thing myself.  :)   We were feeling pretty pampered at this point, and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet!

We got ready for dinner (dressed up, their restaurant is not casual) and we went down to dinner.  It was a price-fixed menu, with all sorts of pre-course, appetizer, first course, main course, dessert, pre-dessert...AND a post-dessert.  This all made Anthony very happy.  He also got to try some foods that he has never had before, including veal brain. Yep, baby cow brain.  I avoided that.  I also avoided the calamari mango thing they put in front of me.  Secretly I was happy there were "tater tots" on the menu as I really just wanted a burger and fries.  :)   My tater tots ended up being deep fried mashed potatoes.  YUM!  They melt in your mouth.  I seriously may need to learn how to make those.  My tater tots came with some beef tenderloins which were incredibly good as well.   I can't remember what our pre-dessert was, but the dessert I got was the BEST dessert I have ever had in a restaurant.  It was called a Summer Freddida and it had berries, custard, cake....and just yummy sweet goodness. Normally I don't like custard, but I liked this custard!  The best part?  When they brought out my dessert, in chocolate sauce on the plate they wrote "Happy Anniversary!" 
Yes I ate my dessert and THEN I thought to take a picture.

Yet another special touch.  Notice I haven't mentioned much about what Anthony ate?  That is because mine was so awesome, I barely remember what he had.  I think some cheese plate for a dessert, maybe some tar tar for a first course?  Who cares, my food was awesome and I don't typically go for this fancy stuff.

At the end of dinner we got our post-dessert which were some chocolate truffles.  We had picked up strawberries at the first farmer's market we went to on the way to the inn, so we decided the truffles would go with the strawberries and would be close to chocolate covered strawberries. :)   We decided to take a short walk to walk off the "full" feeling from dinner and we went back to our room to change our shoes...where we were greeted by a surprise on the door!  They had left a heart that hangs on the knob that works as the "Do not disturb" sign at the inn.  Attached to the heart was a note saying we could keep the heart!   We thought that was pretty neat...and then we opened our door.  They had already been in and cleaned up the room!  We felt bad because we had kind of left our stuff everywhere when we changed for dinner.  The bed had been turned down!

And the two stuffed bunnies that had sat on the bed....they were now making out: cute.   This was a theme of course, over near our jacuzzi tub for two:

And when I commented on the theme (there was a tapestry on the stairs with bunnies kissing as well) Anthony said to me: "Well, they don't call it sleeping like bunnies."  :)  That cracked me up. :)

Speaking of our jacuzzi tub for two:

It had what we called the "Kanye West" Rubber Ducky:

So then after dinner we went to bed early.

Haha, again, like last year, did you think I was going to share all the details?  We did get a really good nights rest.  It was a great evening for us both and it felt good to sleep in, even if that was only 7:30am for me. :)  The next morning we had a really great breakfast (so much food!) and we went to another farmer's market where we picked up some coffee and kettle corn.  So many more details, but really too much to write about.  This post is getting long....

Anthony also got me a "non-anniversary" present and it was waiting on the bed for me when we arrived.  It had a really nice note attached to it as well.  What did I get?  I got the latest Nook e-reader!  I'm very excited about my present!   Thank you Anthony!

Here we are, last year:

Here we are, this year:

What are some of the differences?  Well, my hair is longer and Anthony's is shorter.  Last year you may all remember that I was losing weight and was succeeding at my quest to be in great shape.  Well, this year I weigh about 10 pounds heavier, but I think that's okay since I had a baby. :)  So that is our biggest difference from last year, now we have a baby.  Anthony also works a new job working from home....and soon we will move!

More about the move tomorrow!


Marybeth @ AlarmClockWars said...

You look great, and it sounds like the weekend was a blast! We have our second anniversary coming up as well. We haven't established a tradition yet, but I think we ought to! Happy Anniversary!!

Dani said...

Thank you! I think a tradition is a good idea because then you never have to say "what should we do this year?" You will already know what to do! :)

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