Monday, June 20, 2011

2nd Wedding Anniversary and babies watching TV.

Today is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary.  We celebrated this past weekend and I can't wait to post all about that.  I also have pictures!

There are many exciting things happening right now and I will blog all about it, so look for good updates this week.  We have found a new place to live, so we will be moving next month, I need to pack, put together yard sale items and donations.

Zoe is almost three months old!  I would say she is getting so big, but she still seems tiny to me. :)  And speaking of Zoe, I may be a bad mommy.  I have her watching her first tv show.  Well, she has sort of watched some tv before, while Anthony and I were watching stuff.  But this is the first time I put her down in front of the tv and said "here kid, watch this."  Actually I didn't say that.  What I really said was "Oooh!  A kids movie!  What fun!" in a little sing-song baby talk voice that always confuses my dog.  Oscar is convinced that I am talking to him all the time and is very disappointed when I am not.

So why did I put on this movie?  It's baby sign language.  It's because I need to learn the signs too, so I figured I would put it on.  It looks like she is watching who will learn faster?

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