Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Bird Update

I was wrong!  It is not dead.

Unfortunately what I found when I went back outside was a second baby bird that was dead.  My co-worker who I had asked for help with the baby bird had already picked up the other one and put it in a box.  It is now in a box outside under a bush near where it was found.  The instructions from the animal rescue place told us to do that.  But now what?  They said the mom will take care of it on the ground.  But will she?  And what about the cats in the area?  Can the mom somehow magically carry her baby back to the nest?  AAAAGGGHH!  I'm so worried about this baby bird!   It's so squirmy and helpless!  It doesn't seem right to leave it on the ground in a small cardboard box.   :(

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