Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Heat Wave!

This evening it was 83 degrees at 8:30 at night.  It was hot, sticky and I felt nasty gross.  Plus just being too warm makes me cranky.  It made Zoe cranky too.

What did Anthony decide to do?  He decided it was an excellent time to make a lasagna.  Yes, a lasagna.
This means hot stuff on the stove and hot stuff in the oven.  Did I mention hot?  Yes, he is crazy.

And guess what?  Tomorrow we are supposed to get record high temps.  Lucky for us, well, lucky for Zoe really, friends of ours gave us an A/C.  We put that in Zoe's room tonight.  I have a feeling she will sleep like a baby. (haha)

Me?  I might just sleep in the recliner in her room.  :)

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