Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Temporary, I promise!

Hello everyone -  Do you like my festive Fourth of July blog?

I'll be honest, I don't like it very much.  This is just temporary for this week while I figure out all of my changes that I will be making on my blog.  As promised, I have changed a few things.

1.  My background.
2.  The color of some things, like the title of the blog.  I know it makes it hard to read and even plays tricks on the brain...does it appear to be moving or 3D like to you?
3.  I changed my profile picture to fully embrace my "Mommy blogger" status.  I may not always blog mommy things, but let's face it.  I am a Mama.  And I'm a blogger.  It's inevitable.  Kind of like digital music and e-books. I must embrace the change, not fight it!
4.  I added some links to websites and blogs that I check out on a daily basis.  Well, it used to be a daily basis.  Now it's more like a "whenever I get the chance" basis.  I will remove links that don't get updates very often.  I will still subscribe to them in my google reader so I know if they update, but the links will only be for frequent updaters.

Now I should warn you, some of these links may bring you to websites with colorful languages and not safe for work pictures on the websites.  Or maybe even stuff that is absolutely disgusting (STFU, I'm talking about you.)  But I am an adult.  Yes I read websites and look at websites with "colorful" themes, topics, etc.  It's time for me to stop pretending.  So, Mom and Dad...and Mimi too...and all my other relatives...I can't pretend to be an innocent kid anymore.  That's Zoe's job.  I get to be a grown up!  (Just don't make me get rid of my toys...)

I'll be making more changes and adding more links to the blog later this week.  Here is just a taste of the changes.  Oh, and I do know one person who needs to look at that STFU website.  Oscar told me all about it.  If you read it, you will know who you are.  :)


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