Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy SysAdmin Day!

Today is the 12th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day.  I think it should be a day to celebrate ALL IT personnel, but since I am an actual System Administrator...I'm a little excited about a whole day for ME.  (um, besides my birthday...huh.)

Want more information?  Want an idea of some of the things I (and other SysAdmins) do?
Check out this link:

According to them, the way we celebrate is thus:  You should buy us something.
Well, gifts ARE nice.  But you know what we really want?  Just a thank you once in a while.  Or a smile.  Or just not to be treated like dirt.  Now, now, there are MANY people who are always nice to us and appreciate the work that we do.  (especially the work we do at 2am!)   But there are also people who treat us badly and think that we do things ON PURPOSE to make their lives more difficult.  But really, why would we do something to screw up your computer, the servers or the network when that just makes life more difficult for us?   We do have limitations...see my previous post:  The IT Department and Aladdin.

So say you do want to buy a gift, offers a website with some options for you:

I'll be honest, none of that stuff really caught my eye.  Maybe the cable monkey.  But that is just silly, I can use cable ties or old twisty ties.  Maybe this is because I'm not really a computer nerd, I just pretend.  If you really wanted to get ME something...I like the following: 


And shiny...and glowy!

I already have one of these, but I wanted to share with you because it's neat and if you know someone who likes puzzles, they will really enjoy this:

Programming a universal remote is tough as it is, and I don't really watch TV, but HOW COOL IS THIS?

I HAVE to get this.  Because when I was little, I wanted to grow up to be She-Ra.  I still do.  And sometimes I  have moments where I feel like She-Ra.  She rules!  So I will probably just get this for myself:

Mom and Dad already bought me this one:

Happy SysAdmin day!  On a serious note, a "thank you for what you do" would really make your SysAdmin's day.   (And we respond faster to help requests from the people who get us cookies at the holidays....just sayin')

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review of Captain America and Transformers 3....and a rare baby photo!

We went to the drive-in last night!  I think I mentioned in an earlier post that our closest movie theater is actually a drive-in movie theater.   Very exciting...because they also allow dogs!

So last night we packed up ourselves, snacks, baby, baby stuff, dog and dog stuff into the car, and as a family, we went to the movies together for the very first time.  I was very excited.

And so was Oscar:

And so was Zoe:

She was watching the screen, but every time I went to take her picture, she would look at me instead. She's already a tech-geek, staring at the gadgets Anthony and I will stick in her face for taking pictures and videos.

And we were mostly excited because they still have the dancing food (and dancing hot dog!) cartoon before the movie starts:

Zoe loved the drive-in.  I think.  We don't actually know what babies are thinking but as parents we always seem to "know" what they like or don't like.  It will be funny if we keep taking her to the drive-in and someday she says to me: "Mama, I hate the drive-in.  In fact, I hate movies.  Stop making me watch them.  And I can't believe you made me watch TV as a baby!  What choice did I have?  I couldn't even crawl away!" off topic there...

Zoe stayed awake to watch the cartoon pre-show and stayed awake for the first part of Captain America.  She slept through the rest of it.  I enjoyed the movie, but I didn't feel like there was anything special about it.  I felt more like it was made just so they could make the Avengers movie.  And I think the Avengers movie is guaranteed to be awesome simply because it will have Robert Downey Jr in it as IRON MAN! :)  And seeing the preview (at the end of Captain America...stay tuned until the end of the credits, yes there is more!) reminded me that I will need to watch Thor and possibly the Hulk movies before the Avengers movie.  And oh yeah, the Iron Man sequel as well.

Intermission brought some more cartoon and classic drive-in entertainment.  I don't think this stuff has ever changed, and it never should.  Love it love it.

Our second movie was Transformers 3, Dark Side of the Moon.  I thought because this movie was so late that I would fall asleep.  HAVE I NOT SEEN THE PREVIOUS INSTALLMENTS?  And as someone so eloquently put it this morning: "Uh, yeah, you don't sleep through a Michael Bay movie."   And yes that is true, I was wide awake and watching the entire Transformers.

And so was Zoe.

She was asleep for the first part, but once the action started she woke up.  And stared at the screen in what I can only assume was awe and fascination for the wonder of Transformers.  I'll just assume she thinks it's cool because her dad and I think it's cool.  Or it could have been all the bright colors and sounds (er, explosions).  I figured she would just fall back asleep since it was VERY late and she would normally be sleeping. 

Would you believe my baby stayed awake and watched the entire Transformers movie?  Does that mean I can review it and say this movie was awesome?  Well, in my baby's mind, it was certainly enthralling.  In my mind, it was okay.  I didn't really understand the purpose of a third movie.  It seemed a little boring and pointless to me.  The action scenes were actually hard to watch because some things happened so fast.  But then again, I also stayed awake and watched the whole thing.  And then I went home and tried to sleep...and couldn't...I was jazzed up from the movie.  And when I did sleep, I was dreaming about Transformers.  They really are very cool.  Who wouldn't want a car like Bumble Bee?

For those that go see the movie...there is one scene where I turned to Anthony and I said "So does this mean that Chevy is better than Mercedes?".   I wouldn't want my product represented as a bad guy in this movie...

And if anyone was wondering how the movie was with a "replacement Megan Fox", I thought her replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, did a good job.  (Let's face it, in these movies, the women are an object to be admired, just like the machines, so I think the word "replacement Megan Fox" works here.)  I had a hard time believing the relationship between Sam and Carly, but the acting from our new lead actress was pretty good.  She was drop dead sexy and still very likeable.  And since I'm a female struggling with my weight and not feeling too great about myself at the moment....that is a huge compliment for Ms. Huntington-Whitely.  I will likely watch to see what she does next.

So overall...I thought the movies were just okay.  But I thought the drive-in was AWESOME! :)  Even if I didn't get home until really really really late.  And even though I couldn't sleep because I just saw some action-packed movies.  And even though I am probably going to crash this afternoon and need a nap REALLY bad!

We should get nap-time at work.  Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Traffic and Speed Limits

I think I know what causes traffic on our major highways.  Or at least I think I do on the highways I have traveled for work so far.  And I definitely think this is the case on my new commute now that I have moved.  I think the problem starts with the people who are trying to drive the speed limit.  Wait!  I know that sounds weird, but hear me out.  I mean, um, er, read me out here. :)

The speed limit on the roads I travel for work seem very slow.  I can understand it a little on the back roads in my new town, it's probably a great way to get people caught for speeding.  The limit on the little back roads near my house is 30mph.  If this same road was in Massachusetts, it would be at least 40mph, maybe even 45mph.  But I won't complain about the slow speed limit there.  I like the slower driving.  It's good for me to slow down.  It's also nice that I feel I won't get killed if I take my dog or baby for a walk.  I think I like my new town. :)

Now, it's a different story once I get on the major highways.  The speed limit is 55mph.  This is WAY too slow.  First of all, the majority of the traffic (I would say 90%, but of course this is a statistic I am just making up) is going above the speed limit.  A lot of people are traveling more around 75mph.  I discovered this very early on in my commute when I decided to drive the speed limit so I could blend in.  I did this because my plates haven't been changed yet, and I was trying to "blend in".  I figured with out of state license plates on my car (and a Ferrari sticker!) I would be a target for state troopers looking to pull over speeding drivers.  But...I discovered that if I was going to attempt the speed limit, I was going to get run over.  I had to speed up in order to blend in.  I think I would have stuck out more if I tried doing the speed limit. 

I'm not sure why the speed limit is 55mph on these roads but I think it may be time for a change.  Then again, this would give the state troopers an excuse to pull just about anyone over...since we are all speeding.  But I think the cause of the traffic in the morning is the people trying to stay the speed limit. (Is that correct grammar?  That doesn't sound right.)  They slow people down, drive in the left lane (I HATE THAT!) and keep cars lined up behind them just waiting to get by.  I found two spots like that this morning where the highway was empty in front of the people spread across 3 or 4 lanes driving 55mph.  I don't blame anyone for driving the speed limit.  It's a law and it's there for a reason, but it is definitely the cause of traffic.  Along with sun glare and accidents that people have to look at and all sorts of other reasons.  If you do want to drive the speed limit, you should stay to the right unless passing.  Which is true for any driver, regardless of speed.  I probably shouldn't start on that subject...

So anyway, I propose raising the speed limit on these roads.  Why not?  We are all driving that speed anyway. 

Funny story for you....Story Time!

My sophomore year from college, my friends and I decided to take advantage of my parent's time share and we rented a condo at Hilton Head in South Carolina.  We were driving down there and it was going to be a really fun road trip.  My dad warned me that when I got to North Carolina, to make sure I stayed at the speed limit because they were very strict about it and would pull me over, especially with an out of state plate.  (He probably didn't need to mention that a car full of college kids would look suspicious anyway.)  So I was driving when we first got to North Carolina.  It was about 5am and the sun was just starting to peak over the horizon.  I recalled my dad's words, and I resolved to slow down, keep within the limits.  As I crossed the state line into North Carolina, I noted the welcome sign...and the next sign I saw was the speed limit.  And it was 75mph!  I was used to 65mph all the way there!  With a "woo hoo!" I sped up and enjoyed my new speed limit.  With a big smile on my face and the radio turned way up.   Much to the annoyance of my riders who were sleeping. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today is an experiment.

Today I am working from home.  I have done this before, but this is the first time that it is planned and on purpose.  It is an experiment for work, to see if we can accomplish the same things in the office while at home.  It's also an experiment because I have Zoe at home with me.  Technically she is with me and with her Dad.  But it's also going to be an experiment because he needs to visit a client this afternoon.  So I will get to find out first hand if I can work a normal work day and take care of a baby.   This should be interesting...

I would write more today, but I need to convince my boss this will work.  So I need to get back to work and accomplish lots today! :)  I'll post something more exciting tomorrow.  Maybe. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

short post: not much sleep...

Not much sleep last night...Baby decided to wake up at 1am.  The problem?  I go in there and pop her pacifier in her mouth before I even realize what I am doing.  I am convinced that I am sleep walking into her room.  I need to stop myself from going in there and give her a few minutes to try and get back to sleep.

That, and I need to remember to turn on her night light.  It was pitch-black in there, she doesn't like that. :)

I have to share this story...what a sad world we live in.  This mom may get more jail time than the drunk driver got that hit her son after they were crossing the street (not at a crosswalk).  She is being charged with jaywalking and indirectly being responsible for the death of her son.  How horrible. :(
Doesn't something just seem not right here?  Drunk driver gets six months....she can get up to three years?  Something seems backwards here.   Maybe we don't have all the information?

Friday, July 22, 2011

No Turkey Today

When I woke up this morning I looked out my bedroom window again, hoping to see another turkey.  There wasn't one today, but I did start to wonder what kinds of wild life I might start seeing in my backyard.  As far as I can tell there is another neighborhood right behind ours, but still, seeing some animals from time to time will be nice.

This entire weekend we will be unpacking, putting things away and cleaning.  It's going to be hot and miserable for all of us.  Well, actually probably just me.  Anthony doesn't react to the hot weather like I do and baby and dog are probably just fine as long as they are getting fed. :)  We will probably venture out and find a grocery store (we need food!!!) and maybe do some exploring of the area.  I do think it's really neat that our closest movie theater is actually a drive-in theater.  This next week they are showing Captain America and Transformers 3 back to back.  I'm hoping we get to go....I actually feel like I can wait until DVD for these movies, but I want to go the drive-in and these are two movies that Anthony wants to see.  SO...that means I might be able to convince him to go.  Unless it's a comic book film, Anthony waits for most movies to come to DVD before we see them.  Probably a good idea, it saves money, no crowds, etc....but I just LOVE movie theater popcorn.  But I guess not going saves me from the buttery popcorn as well....

I hope everyone keeps cool this weekend.  I found an article with some good tips to keep cool.  I shared it on google+ (I know, I know...I'm not on facebook but I'm on google+?) but in case you aren't in my circles there, I will share it here:
And if you want an invite to google+ just send me a note and let me know!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

National Junk Food Day!

Today is National Junk Food Day!  Ack!  Diet will have to wait for tomorrow! :)

Sesame Street + Beastie Boys = Entertainment for My Baby

This morning when I got up for work, there was a wild turkey in my backyard!  I'm in the country now....haha!

I found this video yesterday.  Since Zoe already loves the Beastie Boys, it's really perfect:

I haven't shown it to her yet, but I'm sure she will like it.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ninja Turtles!

Not a lot to post about today...busy busy at the moment. 

Boxes, boxes everywhere! (and oh yeah, work too.)

This is for my family (they know why...inside joke!):

Ninja Turtles

Monday, July 18, 2011

I give up?

I'll be moving soon.  Right now my house and life is a little chaotic.  I woke up 15 minutes before I was supposed to leave the house this morning AND I forgot my laptop at home.  Lucky for me, I had showered last night.  Lucky for me, the Dunkin Donuts down the street is the BEST DD I have ever been to.  Lucky for me I work in the IT department and being the computer nerd I am, I was able to just grab another computer to work with today. 

I think the reason I woke up late was because I was thoroughly enjoying my first FULL night's sleep since oh, maybe January?  Lucky me (and Anthony), my parents have taken both our babies (furry and bald) for the next few days while we complete our move.  Baby Z normally sleeps through the night, but the past week she has been waking up every night around 3am.  Which is the time I have been waking up since January.  Not last night.  And apparently my body just did not want to wake up, this is when the snooze button can be dangerous!

So today, along with my normal work day, I am trying to do some address changes at the major institutions in my life.  Because I am trying to do work at the same time...again, lucky me, most of these places you can now make address changes online!  But...just to be sure, I decided to call my credit union.

We have the nicest ladies at our credit union. :)

As soon as they figured out who they were talking to, (they know my parents well) we had a nice chat about my move and how I will finally be living close enough to their branch and they will finally be able to meet me.  When I got off the phone I told my co-worker about how these ladies at the credit union know everything about me and how they are excited that I will be coming in to visit.  I then commented to my co-worker "Wait until they find out I had a baby!"  Because I think these are the types of people who will want to meet the baby as well.  (After all, besides my husband and myself, they know my entire family and have known them for AGES).  After I told Anthony our address change was all set, he reminded me to ask for a new debit card.  I had forgotten about I called back.  I got a different person than before, but she was more than happy to help me out...and again, she said something about my dad, etc.

And then she said "Didn't you just have a baby?  You should bring her in or send us pictures!"

HAHA! :)

It then occurred to me after I got off the phone that they knew more about me than I realized!  Here I am worried about my online status and privacy and security with the internet....and there are some ladies working at a credit union that know a whole lot about me!  They know my private identification information.  They know how much money my family makes.  They know where we spend it, they know our debt.  They know my family, my extended family and where we all used to live.


I think maybe it might be time for me to give up on living in a cave.  Just throw in the towel...and join in on the internet, social networking and cloud technology.  Just give in....would that make me a lemming?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Wow.  (that was the first thing I said when the movie was done, and my friend TC agreed)

The movie was VERY well done.  Just amazing.  To quote the HP kids, it was "brilliant!".  I was very happy with how they ended the franchise.  I enjoyed every minute of the film.  The entire thing was in 3D and I thought that was very well done too.  (normally 3D makes me feel dizzy and gives me a headache, I only felt dizzy at one point during this movie.)

Another quote from me last night:  "It was everything I wanted and even everything I didn't know I wanted."
I definitely cried at a few points.  But I left the movies last night with a very big grin on my face.  Yes, I will be watching it again soon.  Maybe next week I will post about how I feel about the books, the stories, good vs evil, and how I feel about the series now that I am a Mama.  But I will wait, just in case there are a few people who have not read the books (go read the books!!!!) and don't want me to ruin the last movie for them.

Check out this link, my mom sent it to me.  TONS of links in this article to other pages on how to create costumes, props and foods from the Harry Potter series.  I'll be holding on to this information for my last Harry Potter party.  Thanks Mom!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Funny Harry Potter article

check it out:

Two things today. :)

The first is that I watched Deathly Hallows part 1 last night and I think my favorite of the movies so far might be Half-Blood Prince.  Deathly Hallows part 1 is an amazing movie, but I think it was too much doom and gloom for me.  Well, it is supposed to be all doom and gloom, but sometimes I need a little humor in my movies.  Not that it didn't have some funny parts (love Dobby!).  I just felt like I needed more....which is how I have felt every time I have watched it.  Which I think was done on purpose...after all, it's only the first half of the story. :)

I used to feel that way about Half-Blood Prince as well...I wanted to see a huge battle, but I have since changed my mind.  I like the way it ends now.

The second thing I wanted to discuss was something I talked about yesterday.  I quote:

6.  Last night Anthony and I went out to eat with my sister.  Anthony mentioned something about being there before with my cousin and her fiance.  He even remembered the dessert they got because it was some contest-winning girl scout cookie dessert.  I have NO memory of this.  I can't remember this at all.  I remember going to other places but I don't remember going to this particular place with my cousins.  And I was pregnant then so maybe that's why the memory loss?  Seriously ZERO memory of this.  But I still know all the words to Barbie Girl?  I'm so confused.....

So I called my cousin yesterday evening.  We needed to discuss some wedding stuff anyway and I mentioned this story to her.  She remembered the restaurant and even remembered the dessert (Samoa Pudding Bread, made with girl scout cookies).  And she said to me "Dani, the reason you have no memory of this is because you were not there!"

Aha!  I'm not crazy!  Apparently my husband might be instead.  We figured out that I had a hair appointment that night and that my cousin, her fiance, and Anthony went out to eat together and that is why I wasn't there.
Phew, I feel much better.  Not losing my mind....well, I might be losing my mind but not my memory. :)

Okay last thought for today...this morning on my drive in I thought it might be fun to drive a race car.  And then I thought it would be neat if Zoe really did grow up to be a race car driver.  I'll definitely need to get her started on Power Wheels early. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Thoughts from Yesterday

Today I am going to post some random thoughts I had yesterday, but before we get to that....more Harry Potter!  Check out this corn maze (and a video at the end of the article):

We watched "Half-Blood Prince" last night.  I love that film. It might be my favorite of the entire series.  But then I felt that way about each movie as it came out, including Deathly Hallows part 1.  So I'll watch that tonight and THEN I'll tell you which is my favorite.  Of course with the action and props and scenery and acting all getting better and better with each film, of course I will like the later films better than the previous films.

I'll be honest, it's getting a little painful to watch the first 2 movies now.  I have easily watched them over 10 times.  I almost have them memorized.  I probably will only watch them again when I have my last movie marathon (when all the movies are released on DVD) and then again with my baby when she is old enough to watch.  But that will probably be it.  Child actors....stupid humor.....ugh...can't take it anymore!

Okay, onto my random thoughts from yesterday:
1. Packing for my move has unearthed all sorts of "treasures".  Items that I haven't seen in a while and forgot about.  Stuff that I wonder why do I have this?  And I give it away or sell it.  But something I did find were a few random CD's that I LOVED listening to in the car.  So I put them in my car to listen to on my commute to work.

2. Listening to mid-90's club music reminds me of college.  And makes me drive faster while singing at the top of my lungs.

3. Putting my seat as far back from the steering wheel (which you are supposed to do anyway) while still being able to reach the peddles actually makes me drive slower. 

4. I know all the words to every song on Aqua's Aquarium album. My college roommates already know this of course.  They can thank my sister for introducing me to the "Barbie Girl" song in 1997.  It gave me my appreciation (obsession) with what I like to call "European Bubble Gum Pop Trash" music.  (Yes, I have every Aqua album and can introduce you to other groups I discovered after that...)

5. 2011 - 1997?  That's 14 years ago? brain can't remember stuff, but I still know all the words?  Cool!

6.  Last night Anthony and I went out to eat with my sister.  Anthony mentioned something about being there before with my cousin and her fiance.  He even remembered the dessert they got because it was some contest-winning girl scout cookie dessert.  I have NO memory of this.  I can't remember this at all.  I remember going to other places but I don't remember going to this particular place with my cousins.  And I was pregnant then so maybe that's why the memory loss?  Seriously ZERO memory of this.  But I still know all the words to Barbie Girl?  I'm so confused.....

7.  Going to Trader Joe's while hungry is a very bad idea.  I almost bought the entire store.  On the upside though, going to Trader Joe's while hungry encouraged me to try something new.  Guacamole Hummus = yummy!

8.  And speaking of hungry, here is my last random thought.  This woman has re-inspired me to keep at my weight loss journey from next year.  I have 10 pounds of "baby weight" to lose.  I only call it baby weight because I am 10 pounds heavier than I was when I got pregnant.  But since I was in a weight loss plan at the time, who knows what I was "supposed" to weigh at the time.  Anyway....  here she is, Miss South Carolina, you go girl!  (okay, clearly that 90's music has affected my brain...go girl power!  Spice Girls rule!  Ack...I need a dose of today to get me back on track...where's Adele?)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Harry Potter

Last night we watched HP movie #5!  Only two more to go until the last one!

Again, Anthony and Zoe watched with me.  She only stayed awake for about the first 20 minutes, but she's into it.  Is it a bad thing if my child falls asleep watching Harry Potter all week?? Hmmm....

I may have trouble getting her to sleep next week when we are not watching a movie every night.  I mean, which would you rather do?  Lie awake in your bed until you fall asleep?  Or watch something entertaining until you just can't keep your eyes open anymore?  Hmm?  If I were a baby, what would I choose?

Maybe tonight I should put her to bed like normal...

Here is another link for you!  I think this week will be all Harry Potter posts. :)  Yes, I am a little-nerdy excited.  I'm such a geek.  :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Harry Potter Movie Marathon

Starting with movie number 4 (or was it 5?) I started hosting Harry Potter Movie Marathon parties.  We would stay up as late as we could and spend the majority of the weekend watching the movies.  My very first party we painted our living room at the same time.  (note, this was a bad idea, don't make your friends paint your house (do work while a movie is on), paint gets everywhere and we would rather have watched the movie anyway)

The next party I didn't make my friends do any work.  :)  I got REALLY into this party.  I asked everyone to dress up as their favorite character or a witch or wizard.  If someone came as themselves, they were a muggle.  We made food themed from the movies and books.  My sister even made labels for the soda bottles so they said stuff like "Butterbeer" and "Fire Whisky".   My cousin made pumpkin pasties, someone brought cauldron cakes.

As you can tell, we got REALLY into it.  My last party was in November 2010.  I had some decorations and chocolate frogs, but it was a more low-key affair.  I was also pregnant at the time.  And everytime I heard the score music for Harry Potter, the baby would kick inside of me.

When we were at the theater seeing Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows, during exciting scenes and again, hearing the score, she would kick again.  I told Anthony that the baby liked Harry Potter.

Well, I'm not really sure, but I may have my proof!

This weekend, even though we are packing and moving, I started my movie marathon in anticipation for the last movie.  I am not having an official party because we are way too disorganized and cluttered to have company over for a party.  So I am marathon-ing (did I just create a verb?) by myself, but not really.  Anthony keeps getting distracted from his work to come watch.  (oops! :))  And Zoe is watching too.

Yes, you read that right, my three month old is WATCHING Harry Potter.  I think.  She stares at the TV.  She seems to be paying attention.  Is she absorbing what is going on?  She STARES at the TV.

We don't watch a lot of television.  To give you an idea, I honestly can't remember the last thing we sat down and watched.  Maybe the last episode of this season's Raising Hope?  (Love that show!)  But we don't ever turn on the tv.  We don't watch the news (we have the internet for the latest news!) and we don't check the weather. (again, internet)  Most of what we watch is movies or is available online.  (we love to watch old seasons of things, then we don't have to wait for the next episode.)

So I don't know if it's the novelty of the TV being on, or if she is just staring at the bright colors?  (HP movies don't really have bright colors....lots of dark stuff...)  Or maybe she just enjoys the movies?  I don't know what to think of it.  But really, you should see her watch it, you can't even distract her or get her attention once the movie is on. (believe me, Anthony has tried!)

I won't make her NOT watch, since Mama is watching I think it is only fair that we hang out together. (until bedtime of course)  We'll see how she enjoys tonight's selection.  Movies 1-4 done, three more to go before I get to see the last one on Thursday.

Yes, you also read that right, I am lucky enough to see a sneak preview on Thursday (not at midnight, phew!).

And oh yeah, lucky enough to have great friends willing to babysit!  As much as I think Zoe might actually sit through a movie, I won't do that to the other patrons of the movie.  Just in case she decides 7 movies are way more Harry Potter than she ever needs. :)

Friday, July 08, 2011

Feeding my obsessions...

Today's post is just a few links.  The first one feeds two of my (many) obsessions.  Football (The Patriots) and the Twilight franchise.  That is because it's a link to the Funny or Die clip "Field of Dreams 2" starring Taylor Lautner.  Go check it out here:

And another link, to a blog I read frequently (Offbeat Mama) that has a post today that really gave me a lot to think about.  We aren't in the same world as our parents or even ourselves anymore.  Where has the innocence (and fun!) of childhood gone?  And oh yeah, free speech too.

Check that out here:

I'm starting to get wicked excited about the Harry Potter movie next week...oh yeah, another one of my obsessions. :)

Have you ever noticed that when you get really into something like a book, movie, franchise, sports team, author, celebrity or hobby that you can completely forget about everything else?  You might forget to clean the house, buy groceries, or even eat!  I am definitely guilty of being so into a book I am reading that I will literally do everything in my power to do nothing but read that book.  Yep, guilty there.

As a new mom,  I need to watch out to not become so obsessed with my baby, that I neglect my own needs.  I need to set a good example for her as a well-balanced person. (Someone who remembers to do things like shower and eat and buy groceries.  And feed the dog, that too.)  It would be way too easy to become obsessed with her every little smile, expression and everything about her.  I'm sure I have annoyed at least one person showing off pictures. 

Okay, I'm doomed.  Maybe she will share my obsessions and we can just get obsessed together. :)

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

This makes me feel ill.

So yesterday I was having a conversation with someone about what else, but the whole trial that everyone is now talking about with it's shocking outcome.  I don't believe for a minute that everyone involved is entirely innocent.  Someone, somewhere knows the truth and they are not talking.

But that isn't what makes me feel ill.  While we were discussing the trial, we somehow got on the topic of what was considered neglect.  And then it led to accidents and charges against parents when there is an accident.  I strongly believe in bringing "bad" people to justice.  I get really worked up over defending the innocent and defenseless. (see my multiple baby bird posts!)  But where do we divide the imperfect humans from the monsters that hurt the innocent?

What makes me ill, is that I need to be a perfect parent in this world, or I may be arrested or investigated for child neglect or endangerment.

Don't believe me?  Check out this post I found on the web:

I guess sleep is now out of the question.

And it will be easier for me to lose the baby weight if I feel sick to my stomach all the time.  :(

New Look?

New look to the blog, new place to live!  We are moving soon and I thought I would reflect a more "homey" feel to the blog.  We are hoping to stay settled in the house we are renting for at least two years.  It will be nice to feel more "at home" than "just passing through".

I have added a few more links to blogs that I follow.  More changes coming...

That's it for today really.  Sorry nothing interesting to write about.  :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

oops...better late than never

Hey everyone - Sorry about no post on Friday.  Time got away from me and then of course it was the weekend.  I had a great time up in Vermont but now it's back to work!  I am now back to work full time and I am moving in two weeks.  I'll be busy busy!

Hopefully I will have time to keep updates going on the blog and make those promised to the background and colors of my blog. :) Something special, coming soon!

And here is the Harry Potter stuff I promised you, thanks goes to my co-worker who got this information for me.

Harry Potter final movie trailer:

Notice the scene with Lily telling baby Harry to be brave?  This scene will probably make me cry my eyes out when I see the movie.  I see the entire Harry Potter series in a whole new light now that I am a mother.  What would you do if an evil wizard was after your baby?!  I can't even imagine being in Lily's shoes.  You should see what I do to the mosquitos that get within five feet of my baby!

More Harry Potter goodies:

 And HP pictures!

I can't wait to see this movie!!!