Friday, July 08, 2011

Feeding my obsessions...

Today's post is just a few links.  The first one feeds two of my (many) obsessions.  Football (The Patriots) and the Twilight franchise.  That is because it's a link to the Funny or Die clip "Field of Dreams 2" starring Taylor Lautner.  Go check it out here:

And another link, to a blog I read frequently (Offbeat Mama) that has a post today that really gave me a lot to think about.  We aren't in the same world as our parents or even ourselves anymore.  Where has the innocence (and fun!) of childhood gone?  And oh yeah, free speech too.

Check that out here:

I'm starting to get wicked excited about the Harry Potter movie next week...oh yeah, another one of my obsessions. :)

Have you ever noticed that when you get really into something like a book, movie, franchise, sports team, author, celebrity or hobby that you can completely forget about everything else?  You might forget to clean the house, buy groceries, or even eat!  I am definitely guilty of being so into a book I am reading that I will literally do everything in my power to do nothing but read that book.  Yep, guilty there.

As a new mom,  I need to watch out to not become so obsessed with my baby, that I neglect my own needs.  I need to set a good example for her as a well-balanced person. (Someone who remembers to do things like shower and eat and buy groceries.  And feed the dog, that too.)  It would be way too easy to become obsessed with her every little smile, expression and everything about her.  I'm sure I have annoyed at least one person showing off pictures. 

Okay, I'm doomed.  Maybe she will share my obsessions and we can just get obsessed together. :)

Happy Friday everyone!

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Lana said...

You are so right about finding a balance in life so that you are not consumed by one thing, and no one thing consumes you either. It gets a bit tricky some days!

Can't wait to see Harry either. I would love to read that last book again before we see the movie, but I don't think my life will allow for that unless I let the book consume me for a day!

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