Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy SysAdmin Day!

Today is the 12th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day.  I think it should be a day to celebrate ALL IT personnel, but since I am an actual System Administrator...I'm a little excited about a whole day for ME.  (um, besides my birthday...huh.)

Want more information?  Want an idea of some of the things I (and other SysAdmins) do?
Check out this link:

According to them, the way we celebrate is thus:  You should buy us something.
Well, gifts ARE nice.  But you know what we really want?  Just a thank you once in a while.  Or a smile.  Or just not to be treated like dirt.  Now, now, there are MANY people who are always nice to us and appreciate the work that we do.  (especially the work we do at 2am!)   But there are also people who treat us badly and think that we do things ON PURPOSE to make their lives more difficult.  But really, why would we do something to screw up your computer, the servers or the network when that just makes life more difficult for us?   We do have limitations...see my previous post:  The IT Department and Aladdin.

So say you do want to buy a gift, offers a website with some options for you:

I'll be honest, none of that stuff really caught my eye.  Maybe the cable monkey.  But that is just silly, I can use cable ties or old twisty ties.  Maybe this is because I'm not really a computer nerd, I just pretend.  If you really wanted to get ME something...I like the following: 


And shiny...and glowy!

I already have one of these, but I wanted to share with you because it's neat and if you know someone who likes puzzles, they will really enjoy this:

Programming a universal remote is tough as it is, and I don't really watch TV, but HOW COOL IS THIS?

I HAVE to get this.  Because when I was little, I wanted to grow up to be She-Ra.  I still do.  And sometimes I  have moments where I feel like She-Ra.  She rules!  So I will probably just get this for myself:

Mom and Dad already bought me this one:

Happy SysAdmin day!  On a serious note, a "thank you for what you do" would really make your SysAdmin's day.   (And we respond faster to help requests from the people who get us cookies at the holidays....just sayin')

Happy Friday everyone!

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