Monday, July 18, 2011

I give up?

I'll be moving soon.  Right now my house and life is a little chaotic.  I woke up 15 minutes before I was supposed to leave the house this morning AND I forgot my laptop at home.  Lucky for me, I had showered last night.  Lucky for me, the Dunkin Donuts down the street is the BEST DD I have ever been to.  Lucky for me I work in the IT department and being the computer nerd I am, I was able to just grab another computer to work with today. 

I think the reason I woke up late was because I was thoroughly enjoying my first FULL night's sleep since oh, maybe January?  Lucky me (and Anthony), my parents have taken both our babies (furry and bald) for the next few days while we complete our move.  Baby Z normally sleeps through the night, but the past week she has been waking up every night around 3am.  Which is the time I have been waking up since January.  Not last night.  And apparently my body just did not want to wake up, this is when the snooze button can be dangerous!

So today, along with my normal work day, I am trying to do some address changes at the major institutions in my life.  Because I am trying to do work at the same time...again, lucky me, most of these places you can now make address changes online!  But...just to be sure, I decided to call my credit union.

We have the nicest ladies at our credit union. :)

As soon as they figured out who they were talking to, (they know my parents well) we had a nice chat about my move and how I will finally be living close enough to their branch and they will finally be able to meet me.  When I got off the phone I told my co-worker about how these ladies at the credit union know everything about me and how they are excited that I will be coming in to visit.  I then commented to my co-worker "Wait until they find out I had a baby!"  Because I think these are the types of people who will want to meet the baby as well.  (After all, besides my husband and myself, they know my entire family and have known them for AGES).  After I told Anthony our address change was all set, he reminded me to ask for a new debit card.  I had forgotten about I called back.  I got a different person than before, but she was more than happy to help me out...and again, she said something about my dad, etc.

And then she said "Didn't you just have a baby?  You should bring her in or send us pictures!"

HAHA! :)

It then occurred to me after I got off the phone that they knew more about me than I realized!  Here I am worried about my online status and privacy and security with the internet....and there are some ladies working at a credit union that know a whole lot about me!  They know my private identification information.  They know how much money my family makes.  They know where we spend it, they know our debt.  They know my family, my extended family and where we all used to live.


I think maybe it might be time for me to give up on living in a cave.  Just throw in the towel...and join in on the internet, social networking and cloud technology.  Just give in....would that make me a lemming?


Anonymous said...

I love those ladies! They sent me a congratulations on my new home card once signed by all of them. -Ronja

Lana said...

NAH, Jump in the pool with all us other crazy peeps! Good luck with your move!

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