Tuesday, July 05, 2011

oops...better late than never

Hey everyone - Sorry about no post on Friday.  Time got away from me and then of course it was the weekend.  I had a great time up in Vermont but now it's back to work!  I am now back to work full time and I am moving in two weeks.  I'll be busy busy!

Hopefully I will have time to keep updates going on the blog and make those promised to the background and colors of my blog. :) Something special, coming soon!

And here is the Harry Potter stuff I promised you, thanks goes to my co-worker who got this information for me.

Harry Potter final movie trailer:

Notice the scene with Lily telling baby Harry to be brave?  This scene will probably make me cry my eyes out when I see the movie.  I see the entire Harry Potter series in a whole new light now that I am a mother.  What would you do if an evil wizard was after your baby?!  I can't even imagine being in Lily's shoes.  You should see what I do to the mosquitos that get within five feet of my baby!

More Harry Potter goodies:

 And HP pictures!

I can't wait to see this movie!!!

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Lana said...

Me too! I have enjoyed all the movies just about as much as I enjoyed turning each page of all the books. We will have to compare notes after we've seen the last installment.....Last? Boo Hoo!

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