Monday, July 25, 2011

short post: not much sleep...

Not much sleep last night...Baby decided to wake up at 1am.  The problem?  I go in there and pop her pacifier in her mouth before I even realize what I am doing.  I am convinced that I am sleep walking into her room.  I need to stop myself from going in there and give her a few minutes to try and get back to sleep.

That, and I need to remember to turn on her night light.  It was pitch-black in there, she doesn't like that. :)

I have to share this story...what a sad world we live in.  This mom may get more jail time than the drunk driver got that hit her son after they were crossing the street (not at a crosswalk).  She is being charged with jaywalking and indirectly being responsible for the death of her son.  How horrible. :(
Doesn't something just seem not right here?  Drunk driver gets six months....she can get up to three years?  Something seems backwards here.   Maybe we don't have all the information?

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