Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two things today. :)

The first is that I watched Deathly Hallows part 1 last night and I think my favorite of the movies so far might be Half-Blood Prince.  Deathly Hallows part 1 is an amazing movie, but I think it was too much doom and gloom for me.  Well, it is supposed to be all doom and gloom, but sometimes I need a little humor in my movies.  Not that it didn't have some funny parts (love Dobby!).  I just felt like I needed more....which is how I have felt every time I have watched it.  Which I think was done on purpose...after all, it's only the first half of the story. :)

I used to feel that way about Half-Blood Prince as well...I wanted to see a huge battle, but I have since changed my mind.  I like the way it ends now.

The second thing I wanted to discuss was something I talked about yesterday.  I quote:

6.  Last night Anthony and I went out to eat with my sister.  Anthony mentioned something about being there before with my cousin and her fiance.  He even remembered the dessert they got because it was some contest-winning girl scout cookie dessert.  I have NO memory of this.  I can't remember this at all.  I remember going to other places but I don't remember going to this particular place with my cousins.  And I was pregnant then so maybe that's why the memory loss?  Seriously ZERO memory of this.  But I still know all the words to Barbie Girl?  I'm so confused.....

So I called my cousin yesterday evening.  We needed to discuss some wedding stuff anyway and I mentioned this story to her.  She remembered the restaurant and even remembered the dessert (Samoa Pudding Bread, made with girl scout cookies).  And she said to me "Dani, the reason you have no memory of this is because you were not there!"

Aha!  I'm not crazy!  Apparently my husband might be instead.  We figured out that I had a hair appointment that night and that my cousin, her fiance, and Anthony went out to eat together and that is why I wasn't there.
Phew, I feel much better.  Not losing my mind....well, I might be losing my mind but not my memory. :)

Okay last thought for today...this morning on my drive in I thought it might be fun to drive a race car.  And then I thought it would be neat if Zoe really did grow up to be a race car driver.  I'll definitely need to get her started on Power Wheels early. :)

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Dani,you are nuts, in avery good way, BIG BIG GRIN.

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