Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Baby post...sorry, if you don't like babies, just move along...

Zoe rolled over yesterday!

For those of you who haven't had babies yet, this is a big deal.  Especially for us because Zoe is a little behind in this department.  It could be she just didn't want to until now, or it could be completely our fault.

I'll explain.

You see, Zoe hates "tummy time".  According to research, doctor's and experts, we now put our babies on their backs to sleep (now that Zoe is no longer swaddled, she sleeps on her side) and on their stomachs to play.  This is so they can build neck and upper body strength.  (they do baby push ups :))  Well, Zoe HATES to be on her stomach.  Even though she has the ability to pick up her head and turn it to the side (or even look up!) she will put her face in the floor and SCREAM.  Seriously, she tolerates her "tummy time" for about 2 minutes.  Maybe just one minute and then the screaming begins.  So we make her do this a little bit every day, but we definitely have not done it as much as we should.  So she will be a little behind others.

I figure we are ahead with how often she eats and how much she sleeps (through the night!  9pm-ish through 7am) so she is ahead in some areas and behind in others.  No biggie.

But yesterday....things changed!  Until yesterday, if I put her on her back, she would roll to one side or the other.  She's pretty good at that.  In fact, she sleeps on her side with one arm across her face, it's really cute.  I think the only thing stopping her from rolling onto her stomach is her arm.  Well, yesterday while I was working, she was entertaining herself for a while on the floor.  I had put her on her back (I needed her happy, I was working!) and she rolled around and looked at her toys, etc.  Then I heard crying...and it turned into screaming.  I immediately wondered if a bug bit her or if she was hungry, diaper needed changing, etc.  The LAST thing I expected when I walked in the living room was to see her on her belly.  Face smooshed into the floor, hollering her little head off. :)

I picked her up, gave her kisses and told her how proud I was!

She looked very confused.  :)  Let's see if she can do it again...and not yell. :)

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Chris H said...

Yay! Way to go Zoe! :D

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