Monday, August 01, 2011

Cheap Baby Toys

Zoe is now 4 months really does fly!

Her new thing is looking in a mirror and shyly smiling at herself.  She seems to enjoy it, though she is also smiling at me in the mirror as well.  I have actually been showing herself in the mirror for a long time, but lately she is really getting into it.  I read that at this stage babies don't recognize that it is their own reflection they are looking at, but since faces are one of their favorite things to look at, a toy with a mirror is a fun thing to play with at this age.  Besides the mirror, babies just enjoy looking at baby faces as well.  I put my cousin's baby announcement for her son on my fridge and Zoe loves to look at it.  (Note to self, tonight's bedtime story will be the "Colors" book with all those pictures of babies...)

So I went down to my local Toys R Us to check out what they had for mirrors for babies.  Of course they have the car mirrors, but I didn't bother with one of those.  (I don't really have a good place to hang it anyway.)  And they had some fancy mirrors that came with lights and music and noises and all sorts of crazy stuff.  I showed two different types to Zoe.  I was looking for the same shy grin we get at home when we look in the full length mirror.  Instead I got a puzzled scowl as she looked at all the colors, lights, and noises.  She didn't smile, not at all.  And these toys cost around $20.  I thought that there must be a better (cheaper) way to make her enjoy the mirror.

So we (my sister was with me yesterday too) went to Walgreens.  Where in the "back to school" section I found a locker mirror.  For TWO dollars.  I put that in front of Zoe...and immediately a big grin.  So guess what I bought for Zoe?  Her first locker mirror. :)  And she loves it.  This reminded me of the sage advice of previous parents.  "Kids love empty boxes, wooden spoons and pots and pans."  No need to buy the fancy toys.

But I did totally purchase something that Zoe may not use for two years.  Probably because I will use it and I want to make sure it's still available when we need it in two years.   Yes, you caught that...I'm totally going to play with her toys.  I bought her an AquaDoodle.  I think my favorite part of this toy is that as soon as she can grasp something to draw, I can give this toy to her.  Can't wait to see what she scribbles first. :)

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