Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So everyone on the east coast is talking about the earthquake.  I felt it at home so I thought I would share my story here.

It was an unusual chain of events that led me to feel the earthquake.  I was working in our finished basement, which we are converting into an office.  Normally Anthony works down there and I work in the kitchen when working from home.  This is because until this past Sunday, we didn't have a desk for me in the basement.  Now we do, but we haven't set everything up yet.  Anthony had to visit a client in the afternoon, and my mom was at my house redecorating.  (I'll post more about that later.)  When he left, she kicked me out of the kitchen and into the basement so that she could surprise me with her changes. 

So I sat at Anthony's desk to get some work done.  When the earthquake began, the floor was wobbling, and the desk was shaking and moving and the chair was moving as well.  It felt like everything was "rolling".  I would describe it to similar to the feeling you get when in a parking garage or sitting on a bridge and a large vehicle goes can feel the flexibility of the structure around you.  Others described it as feeling drunk.  It wasn't "shake shake shake", it was more rolling and wobbly.

So my first thought was "What are they doing upstairs?!"  (my mom and her friend Kim were redecorating.)
My second thought was "I'm in the basement, they can't shake the basement."
My third thought was "Earthquake?"
My fourth thought was "Nah, I'm in ....  we don't get earthquakes."
My fifth thought was "Does this normally happen in the basement?"  (I don't spend much time down there.)

Then it was all done.  The dogs (mine and my mother's dog) were in the cellar with me and they didn't seem phased at all.  So I did a google search.  Nothing.  I thought about telling my mom upstairs.  Then I decided I had "Mom" brain and I imagined the whole thing.  Some sort of motion sickness/inner ear thing.  (which does happen to me!).

Then I saw all the messages online and the news reports about the earthquake in Virigina. 

My thought after that? "Holy crap!  It WAS an earthquake!"

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