Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everybody dance! Footloose!

When I heard they were going to remake the movie Footloose, I thought it was a terrible idea.  I mean, some remakes are okay...and some are even fantastic..but for the most part?  They are awful.

Can't Hollywood come up with new ideas already?  We have to rehash everything?

So I decided there was no need for me to see the new Footloose movie.  I saw the original and it was awesome.  Kevin Bacon as Ren was perfect, we didn't need any remakes.

Then this morning I saw the trailer for the new one.  I was curious.  I had to watch it.

And guess what?

I LOVED it.  This looks really good.  I think I need to see this updated version.  I'm a little excited.
I'll probably wait until video for it though...between budget and baby, going to the movies isn't something I get to do all the time now. :)

Want to see it?
Check it out here:

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