Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricanes and the Wackos

The internet can really bring out the worst in people!  It's easy to be anonymous and write mean and nasty things.  But I think the internet also attracts the total wackos out there as well.

I'm sure you all know what I mean.  You have all read the comments in news stories that go beyond the story and dive into politics or some random hot button that has nothing to do with the original article.

Well, I was just reading on the latest about the potential hurricane for the east coast this weekend.  Then I scrolled to the comments...I really should have skipped them.

One commenter posted a link to find shelters that would take you and your pets, and a few people commented about don't forget to stock up on emergency supplies for your pets and thanked the person for posting the link about hurricane shelters that will take animals.  And then some wacko has to make it about abortions.  Huh? Yes, that's right.  Someone commented "and people kill humans every day (abortions!) and I like animals but they are just that animals!"

I don't know if I quoted that correctly.....but seriously?!  People are discussing the hurricane and how to prepare, someone posts some information for people with pets and someone has to turn it into a pro-life vs pro-choice debate?!  C'Mon people!

And then further down someone said: "The nice thing about the hurricane winds is they blow in some tropical birds we wouldn't normally get to see! (for those of us who are birders)"  HUH?!  Seriously?!  THIS is what you think about when it comes to preparing for a major storm?  Oooh, I get to see pretty birds!

Maybe instead you should be thinking about how to prepare yourself to be safe from the storm.  And then in the aftermath maybe you can help those poor birds get back home.

That is unless someone wants to convince us that the birds are somehow connected to abortions.

What is the world coming to?  Who let the wackos on the internet?

**The above quotes may not be entirely accurate, I wrote it from memory.

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Time to stop drilling!!! ;P

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