Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If I blog about it....I'll have to do it.

So yesterday I was talking to my sister and I told her about something I almost posted about Zoe.  But then I didn't because I thought nobody wants to hear about my baby all the time.  (okay, okay, I know a few of you do, but you can contact me privately for that!)

She agreed with me.  She said that she is actually interested in hearing about Zoe...but she agrees that I shouldn't constantly blog about her.  I then told her I was experiencing a lot of writers block.  I wasn't sure what to write about these days.  SO she gave me an idea.  And I said, if I write about it on the blog, I'll have to do it.  And she said "yep."  (she might have said yes, but yep just works better for this we will have to go with that...)

So what am I going to write about because I'll have to do it?  I'm going to write about starting to exercise again.  Specifically, I am going to try p90x.  I am going to try this program because I miss kickboxing and a lot of the exercises we did in that class came from the p90x program.  I looked into a few kickboxing programs in the area, and they were too expensive for me to do.  That is because I can't go 4 times a week now, I can maybe go once a week.  But I can exercise at home and for free every day right?

We don't have a lot of exercise equipment here and I HATE running (see previous entries about losing weight...I know I'll have to do it eventually if I want the extra weight to come off) so my sister offered to let me borrow her dvd's.  I do have a few workout DVD's that I should do as well.

My plan is start on Sunday.  So guess what I'll be talking about next week?  I'll probably be complaining about how much pain I am in....haha. :)

So back to weight loss.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I frequently talked about this in the past...and I was successful too!  Then my journey was interrupted by pregnancy and baby.  So now to start again!

I need to lose 7 pounds of baby weight and 7 pounds of  "I'm just being lazy" weight.  Lazy meaning I didn't feel like going for a walk or a run or joining a gym.  So...p90x....HERE I COME!

...wish me luck?


Ronja said...

The program requires dedication which I know you can do, but with Zoe it might be hard. So put her in a bouncy seat or something next to you and take the 1.5hrs for yourself that you need. Start slow, only do what you can, eat lots of protein, and "forget the rest". You will get that quote once you get started. Power, 90Days, Extreme... and they mean it! Good luck!

Remby said...

It is extreme, but you don't have to go whole hog. You get out of it what you put into it! Even doing something is better than nothing. That said, I'm rooting for you. Between me and Ronja you've got two people who have done it before and can support you =) Good luck!

JoAnne said...

You don't need luck, you've got what it takes.

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