Wednesday, August 17, 2011

iPhone vs Android, who's the bigger jerk?

I found this article really funny.  That is because I use an iPhone and Anthony uses an Android phone.  I found some of the things the article says about each type of user completely true (when it comes to me and Anthony) and other things are just completely wrong.  But regardless, it was an interesting article and gave me some amusement this morning.

Check it out here:

Anthony loves his Android phone and I love my iPhone.  But I have another theory on how people choose their phones.  First off, if they are an Apple person, they are just going with the iPhone.  Don't try and convince them otherwise, they want that Apple technology.  But my theory is that techie people, the ones who like to tinker and will use every single cool feature on a gadget (and probably break their phone or pc or tablet or mp3 player in the process) will choose the Android phone.  It has a few more features lacking on the iphone (like talking to your phone and having it type for you...verrrry nice!) and is way more customizable.

People who don't want to mess around with the phone, they just want it to work and have some cool features (like the ability to play Angry Birds, play some music and do a handful of other neat things) will choose the iPhone.   That's my theory.  Non-techies want the iPhone and techies want the Android. 

So all of this is funny because technically I'm a techie.  But I'm not a real techie.  A real techie wants to tinker, play, take apart, put back together and improve upon what is in front of them.  I'm the kind of techie who can do all that, but I'm lazy and would rather just use what's put in front of me.  I have too many other things to do.  Like watch that butterfly go by.....

What was I talking about again?  Oh yeah, phones.  Just my theory.  Anyone else have thoughts about this?

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Chris H said...

I personally will disagree. I love to tinker and customize stuff, I just find the iPhone a better phone. Perhaps it was because my one and only Android device was the original Droid.(It wasn't a great phone) Of course, it definitely comes down the the app selection, and the Apple Store beats the Android one hand over foot in terms of quality apps. Just my thoughts!

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