Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just yuck.

Today I feel yucky.  I have gained weight, I didn't work out yesterday and I didn't get all the stuff I wanted to get done yesterday either.  So now I need to try and cram that all in to today.  Yech.

Add in all the craziness at work and some drama going on with some friends and I just feel like YUCK.

Then I read this article this morning:

Now I feel even more yucky!  The type of defense that this MURDERER'S defense team is building is sick and disgusting.  Something like this is harmful to victims of violent crime everywhere.  Yes I think you should be safe.  Yes I think you should avoid provoking people.  (Can't we all just get along!?)  But NO ONE asks to be murdered by what they wear or what they say or do.  Just as the victim should have seeked help for the bullying, the bully should have seeked help to stop the harassment he was receiving as well.  Yes, I believe both students were harassing and bullying each other.

It still doesn't give someone the excuse to kill another person.

Yuck.  Okay, if I get lots of cleaning and exercise done today....THAT will make me feel better.

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