Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lady Super Heroes

Today's post is inspired by something I read over at the Mommyish blog.  I don't always agree with everything over there, but I do enjoy reading it.  Today they posted about comic book heroes.  Specifically a new comic that shows a bunch of characters on the cover of a comic.  All the male characters look like super heroes.  The one lady, Wonder Woman, well, she looks like what my mom used to call "a street walker".

Here is the article:

I found the pictures and article very interesting.  It made me think about my childhood super hero, She-Ra, The Princess of Power.  So I googled some old images of her and I was proud to see that she doesn't look like a stripper or street walker.  In fact, she looks pretty kick ass if you ask me. :)

Check her out:
Okay, so I will admit, she has on a short skirt, leotard and knee-high boots.  But she isn't posed provocatively and her outfit looks similar to what little girls wear in dance class anyway (minus the boots).  When I was a little girl, I didn't see the skimpy outfit, I saw a costume!  I saw the sword!  I saw her karate kick the bad guys, deflect laser beams with her sword, help children and heal wounded animals!

I'm not sure what we are supposed to see with Wonder Woman.  Is this a comic book for adults or children?  Any of my readers know?  Check it out:
I do like that she is featured on the front, but why the pose with the lasso between her legs?  Anyway, check out what the blog "Bleeding Cool" did to the guys...hehehe:
Makes you think twice hmmm?

I think my daughter will have a heavy influence of She-Ra in her life.  Lucky for me, um, I mean HER, they have updated the line, look how awesome She-Ra looks NOW:
Look at those muscles!  And she is not a stick-figure.  This woman looks healthy and ready to kick-butt!  She has to be a third degree black belt in Karate, that's what I think.  (Yes, my little girl will get Karate lessons.)

I have already obtained this action figure.  Did you know that when I was a child I wanted to grow up to be She-Ra?  And why not?  She was pretty, kind, smart, and strong.  She was a good friend and fought for justice for those that were treated badly.  She was forgiving and wanted to find the good in everyone.  She conquered evil, rescued the oppressed and again, I just want to mention, she could heal and speak with animals.  She was the COOLEST.  I think I still want to be She-Ra when I grow up.

Check out some more pictures of She-Ra and all her awesome friends, these ladies are strong and feminine without have to resort to looking like a....uh, "street walker".

I am a really big fan of this picture:

And at least they also put He-Man in a skimpy outfit:


Lana said...

I think we, as adults, put a lot of worried in to stuff we needn't worry about, and in doing so, make our children more conscious or self-conscious. Let the kids have fun. Girls rule and boys drool!

Martha Grace said...

Even I liked She-Ra! lol

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