Friday, August 19, 2011

slow posting week....means I'm actually really busy. :)

It usually only takes me a few minutes to write a post, but if I haven't written a whole bunch lately, it just means I am really really really busy.   Or maybe I have writer's block.  That happens as well.  Or I may want to write about something, but then I think twice about it.

It is amazing just how real writer's block can be.  I thought that it would only occur with those who write fiction, but apparently even just writing a note on your blog (which could be similar to writing a friend an email!) is just as difficult to write sometimes.

Okay, topic change.  I read a great book series recently.

I think it was Lana over at the blog, Walking the Off-Beaten Path that had recommended the book series, The Hunger Games to me.  I loved reading them, I'm looking forward to the movie, thank you for the recommendation!  It took me a while to get interested...but then I read an excerpt online at (check out the link here:   And of course from there....I couldn't put them down. :)

So I do recommend these books to others, I think I can share with my nook if anyone is interested...

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Lana said...

So glad that you liked the books! Did you hear that Hollywood is making the books into movies????

SOOOO hear you about being busy! It's been one crazy thing after another around here! I'm ready for a break!

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