Tuesday, August 02, 2011


The turkeys were back this morning.  They visit almost every day.  Today we had four big fat ones. And they had a friend!  A little black cat!

We have seen the black cat hanging around our yard before.  I'm assuming this cat lives in the neighborhood behind us.  We let Oscar watch from the window.  He mostly said "woof-ah" under his breath, nice and quiet.  He probably didn't know what to make of the turkeys and I wasn't about to let him outside to check them out either.  Turkeys can be very mean!  Check out this youtube video!

So I am watching the cat, and it looks like the cat is going to try and sneak up on the turkeys.  I was a little worried for this cat's safety since it was about 1/4 the size of the smallest turkey.  The cat did sneak up on them to get closer, but the turkeys didn't seem to care.  They got a little spooked when he got close, but mostly they just hung out together.  Then I thought maybe they were friends.  Then the cat noticed us watching from the window and paid more attention to us than the turkeys.  Even though it was sitting just two feet from the turkeys.  I probably should have grabbed my camera for a picture.  Since they visit often, maybe I will get another opportunity.

The cat must have decided he was all done hanging out, because he turned and went into the wooded area behind our house.  And then one by one, the turkeys followed him into the woods!  I knew it!  That cat and those turkeys are friends!  (maybe....I'll have to see how many turkeys are left tomorrow.  The cat may have been leading the turkeys into a trap...hmmm.)

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