Monday, September 12, 2011

Back in the saddle!

So today is DAY ONE of my continuation to lose weight.

I began this journey back in January of 2010 and was very successful.  Until I found out I was pregnant, and I had to stop.  I did well during my pregnancy, only gained what I needed to.  After my pregnancy, I looked great!  But....since then, I have gained 7-10 pounds.  :(

My cousin got married this past weekend and it was beautiful.  However...looking at the pictures from the wedding I am very disappointed in myself.  I have "let go" and have not worked hard to keep my weight off.  I have used excuses like family obligations, vacation and baby.  I need to get back on this journey.  I look at pictures of myself from three weeks after the baby was born...and you know what?  I looked GREAT!  Now, not so much.  It's amazing the difference 5-10 pounds can make on just what your face looks like.

SO.  TODAY.  I get started again!  I will stop the decline and get back up hill (because weight loss really is an up hill battle!) and I will find ways to get this weight loss going again.

Anyone else with me?  Leave comments here so we can support each other!
Back to p90x tonight!


Martha Grace said...

Im here with you! You can do it, you are after all, "Dani do it!" and I came up with that years ago because you always could do anything you put your mind too!

Remby said...

I'm with you! I was working out consistently for almost a year then I let work/travel/new house get in the way. I'm back up in the saddle now too. On week 2 of P90X. Let's do it!

Ronja said...

I'm on board... I gained 35lbs in 2 years. Not good! I'm doing the 10XClub gym in Natick with a groupon for the next month then I'm back on the Insanity bandwagon.

Remby said...

Insanity is definitely a killer workout program. Little too high impact if you have bad knees but that will def work ya

Jen Blair said...

You can do it, Dani!!! It's not going to be easy... but you know that already. I'm here for support because I'm trying too! My ride to the gym bailed on me this morning, but I'm going on a bike ride after work instead. One day at a time!

Dani said...

Thanks for all the support! You guys rock! Now I won't go home tonight and pig out because I know you will all be home trying to get in shape too!

Lana said...

I'm on it too, not the p90x, but the weight loss battle.

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