Thursday, September 29, 2011

Banned Books Week

It's banned books week!

I love to read and so I do enjoy reading all the articles about the "bad" books from the past or even in the present that we should not be reading.  If it's banned....aren't we all just that much more tempted to read it?  Is there anything more fun than reading something you are not supposed to?

My cousin made me some fabric book covers...they are wonderful, because I can read dirty romance novels and NO ONE HAS TO KNOW. :)  I could be reading something totally scholarly and intelligent and stuff.

Nah, who wants to read that?

The e-readers also make our "secret" reading much more fun.

What I have for you a book that I might need to ban from Zoe.  But only because I don't want her to become a spoiled brat.  I hate the idea of banning any book, but the author of this post does make a good point about monitoring the gifts our children receive.

The article is here:

Has anyone guessed what I want to be for Halloween yet?  :)

And in random thoughts, I would look thinner if I could just remember to suck in my gut! :)


Ronja said...

You want to be She-Ra?

Joe said...


Martha Grace said...

You wanna be She-Ra for sure! I tried to post that yesterday but I couldn't get it to post!

I love the look of your blog by the way, very nice on the eyes.

Happy fall!

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