Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feeling Lucky.

I'm feeling lucky the past few days.

On Sunday Oscar got first place in the pet trick contest.  I also entered some raffles that day, and yesterday I got a phone call that I won a raffle!  So Oscar gets some free dog toys!

I also was given some free tickets to see South Pacific at the Opera House!

So last night I went out and bought a lottery ticket and a scratch ticket.  We had received a coupon in the mail to get a free $2 scratch ticket if we purchased a $5 quick pick lottery ticket.  So I bought the lottery ticket and got my free $2 scratch ticket.  I didn't win anything on the scratch ticket.  But I really didn't think I would anyway.

Wish me luck on the lottery!  And then we will move my good luck on to someone else, I can share.  :)

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Have Chef Will Travel said...

Evan if you never win, you are a winner in life. Dani you have a great life, a beutifull daughter,and a great husband,and you are a smart, beutifull woman with just enough wierd in you to make you interesting (in a good way).So as far as luck goes, you have made your own luck most of your life,( I think that is called hard work). so argo there is your luck.

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