Friday, September 30, 2011


Happy Friday everyone!

And yes, you all know me too well.  I do want to be She-Ra for Halloween.  It's also what I wanted to be for Halloween about twenty-something years ago.  And guess what?  I still have my sword from that childhood costume....

We shall see how this goes, I found a gorgeous but expensive costume and I can always just try the t-shirt as well. 
Anthony has picked out his costume, and it's on the way.  So now we are left with Zoe and Oscar.  Oscar has a t-shirt that he has worn in the past, it's a dog skeleton costume.  We will probably just go with something like that again.  Now for Zoe?  Well, I wasn't really planning on doing a costume.  She is only six months old and I don't think she would tolerate it for very long anyway.  Probably just long enough to take a few pictures.


We are going to attend a Halloween party.  So Anthony thinks that if we are going to be in costume, that she should be as well.  I explained that we had a Halloween onesie for her.  He said he wanted a costume.  I think the only reason he said that is because I found a very adorable, very trendy costume.  I showed it to him as a joke.  Then he said "I think we should get it in _____."  And I said: "seriously?".  And he said "Yes, if we are going in costume, she should too."

I think he just wants the costume.

So I am not telling will be a surprise.  Hopefully we can find it at a decent price..and of course I will post pictures here.  Today is the last day of September...first day of October tomorrow!  I can officially start decorating for Halloween!

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you should bring Oscar to the party

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