Thursday, September 15, 2011


Old is just a number...or a figment of your imagination.  Or it's all just perspective.  My sister had a milestone birthday yesterday and her status message today says "Officially old...".

So my first thought was "Hey!  You can't call yourself old!  Because I am older than you!".

Then my second thought was "Ha...I thought I was old this weekend."

I'll show you what I mean!  Oooh!  Picture time:
This weekend, I saw this great picture of myself and my baby and my first thought was "When did I get old?!"  Can you see those wrinkles/laugh lines around my eyes?  :)  Looks like I should start thinking about anti-aging creams. :)

But it's all in perspective, because when I look in the mirror, I don't see those wrinkles.  I don't even see the extra fat around my waist.  I look in that mirror and on most mornings I think "Looking GOOD!"  I don't do this on purpose or an exercise on improving self-esteem, this is what really happens to me.  I have a distorted view of myself in the mirror....but in a good way.  It isn't until I see a picture of myself that I will nit-pick about what I look like.  I can't be the only one who does this.  But you know what?  I bet everyone else looking at this picture sees a great picture of me and the baby.  They don't pick it apart like I do.

I forget where I saw or read it, but somebody once said something about high-fiving themselves in the mirror.  I think that's a great idea.  I think when you look in the mirror, you should say "Looking good!" and give yourself a high five.  Put on that big smile and go start the day.  And I think we should do the same for pictures.  No matter what our shape, size or age, let's say "Looking good!" and then feel better about ourselves.

Because a good attitude can make anyone look good....after all...I see old, but you all see a happy mom and baby who are both beaming with happiness.  

That attitude/mood/smile makes everyone look good doesn't it? :)

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Martha Grace said...

You look radiant! I love this pic of you and Zoe and age is just a number!
All I see is happiness and love!

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