Thursday, September 08, 2011

Subway? Eat fresh?

There is a serious lack of Subway Restaurants near where I work.  Okay, so there is one just a couple of miles down the road...but if you knew what the traffic was like on these roads around here you would understand why I don't want to go.  It would take me an hour to go get my lunch and come back.

Why do I want to go to Subway?  Because right now they have a LION KING PROMOTION!!!
Okay, so it's a kids meal.  And big deal, it's just a coupon off the DVD coming out soon.  BUT I WANT IT.
I'm a huge Lion King fan.  And they are giving away re-usable lunch bags (save the planet!) with every kids meal.  There are six total.  So now I feel like I need to eat six kids meals at Subway.  Normally I don't go to Subway, but I might have to go to get my reusable lunch bags.  Especially because yesterday I sprayed greasy taco juice all over my lunch bag and now it has orange spots.  :(  (hey, no slamming my taco lunch!  It was a taco SALAD.)

The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie (Sleeping Beauty is a close second!) and I just have to collect everything Lion King. Okay, so I don't have to...but I used to...and now that I have a baby, I feel like I have an excuse.  Zoe can love the Lion King right?

Who else is going to go see it in theatres in 3D?  Oooh! ooh!  me! me!
I should have known something was up when right before Zoe was born, Disney released some Lion King baby stuff.  It was too late for my baby shower unfortunately.  Otherwise Zoe would have a jungle-themed Lion King room instead of a forest/animal room.

I can't wait until she is old enough to say "Mama...I know you love the Lion King, but I don't!  I prefer...(insert whatever here)."


I do want to address one thing from yesterday's post.  Remby commented about fasting to reduce calorie intake.  What I was discussing was actually just that.  We humans fast every day!  Or we are supposed to anyway.  We fast every night from when we fall asleep until we wake up every morning and then have our....wait for it....breakFAST.  Breaking the fast.  That is what breakfast is supposed to be.  Now do you know why it's so important to eat breakfast?  Because you need to break the fast.  Now what if you didn't fast?  Did you go 8-12 hours between your last meal of the day and breakfast?  You really should.

So think about that tonight when you have that late night snack or after dinner dessert.  Or how late are you eating dinner anyway?  I was pleasantly surprised to come home to dinner cooking last night.  (My husband rocks!) So I got to eat early.  I try to eat 3/4 of all my calories before 4pm.   How about you?

Again...all of this is to remind ME.  This diet and exercise stuff I talk about works for ME.  You need to find out what works for YOU.

Now I know there are a lot of people reading my blog who are working on weight loss.  Please leave comments and encourage each other to keep it up.  Comment on something I said, especially if you disagree.  Tell us what works for you, let's keep each other encouraged as we all travel this looooong journey together and find what works best for us.

Is it lunchtime yet?  I'm hungry....always hungry!  agh!


Lana said...

I used The Lion King in my English classes because its story mirrors Shakespeare's Hamlet in many ways. And I likes watching all the football players secretly sing along to "Hankuna Matta" in the dark room! :-)

Jen Blair said...

I'm always hungry too! I'm trying to stop eating after 8PM, but it's really hard to eat dinner early some nights. I also want to see The Lion King in 3D... when does that come out?

Dani said...

The Lion King starts this Friday, for two weeks only! Argh!

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