Tuesday, September 06, 2011


I'm sorry if the title is misleading.  This isn't really anything new about the Twilight series.  The new movie is coming out soon though, sometime in November.

Today is a short post, and I meant to post this last week, but time got away from me.  Anthony and I were at the grocery store and we stopped by the bakery "clearance" section.  This is where they sell yesterday's bread at a discount.  Well they had a few other things and one of them was this Twilight cupcake thing.
I cracked up because it was obviously in the "clearance" section because someone at the bakery is not a Twilight fanatic.  Otherwise they wouldn't have made the glaring error.  Oh, wait, my readers aren't Twilight fanatics?  You don't see the mistake?  The mistake is the "Team Jacob" sign on the cake that has a picture of "Edward".  Oops.  I'm willing to bet some Mom came to the store to pick this up for their daughter's party.  (or their own I guess, didn't know I could get these cakes, I might get some for my next Twilight party!) 

So into the clearance section it went for my amusement. :)

Looking back, I probably should have bought looks yummy!

I should probably start planning my next Twilight party....lots to do!

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Chris H said...

Yeah, definitely didn't notice until you pointed it out! lol!

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