Monday, October 24, 2011

2 miles, I may start doing more.

Anonymous asked on my post last Friday if I got in two miles.  I did!  I actually got in just over 2 miles.  I used an app on my super smart phone and was able to log my walk.  I tried to jog with the stroller, but I found any sort of running while holding onto the stroller very difficult.

BUT...if I decide to bring Zoe with me, I can get the same workout as a run, if I double my distance, with a walk.  So instead of jogging/running 2 miles, do 4 instead.

I went to a little neighborhood behind my house that has dead ends, so there was a lot less traffic.  Using my nifty app on my phone I was able to calculate how many times around the neighborhood was two miles.  This neighborhood also has a few tiny inclines which is just perfect.  And almost every house has an electric fence.  So there are all these dogs sitting in their yards watching me, but staying in their yards.  It's kinda funny to see.  I would take a picture of it, but then I would be a wacko casing the neighborhood. :)

So yesterday I went without Zoe and got in my walk/jog.  I would say I jogged for about 1/3 of the distance.  I was actually VERY impressed with myself.  I have never really done any jogging outside and it has been over a year since I was really running.  Go me!  I bought new sneakers and a bright vest to wear while running and I think that got me motivated.  My sister once gave me the advice of buying new workout clothes to motivate yourself to workout.  Well, I know the sneakers and vest worked for me!  Check me out:

Even Oscar looks impressed! (look carefully, you can see him on the bottom of the picture)  This was taken after my walk/jog.  It felt good to be back out there.  And the bright colors will come in handy when I am out on the road.  We don't have street lights and in the twilight hours I want to make sure I am very visible to the traffic.  I also picked up a blinking LED light that I can put on the stroller.  But don't worry, I won't take her out after dark or even in the twilight hours.

So check out that hot pink color?  Are the 80's back or what?  I saw a girl at Sam's Club the other day.  She was wearing leggings, black boots and an oversized HOT pink sweatshirt.  It actually hurt my eyes to look in her direction.  I'm sure she thought she was trendy.  I thought she was retro. :)  Want to know what's actually in?   Check out my sister's blog.  I asked her for advice on leggings.  I want to wear them so bad, so comfy!  But how do I make that outfit appropriate for work?

And not that I want competition, but I want everyone to check out this blog:

They are having a contest to win some Carhartt gear.  But the reason I wanted you to check them out is because apparently today is Food Day.  And I think instead it should be Farmer Appreciation Day.  Because if it were not for the farmers, we wouldn't have food.  Check out Marybeth's post about that:

Wow...huge post today, with links and pictures!  Hopefully I can keep this up all week!

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Lana said...

I think Miss Leah and Miss Jeannette are doing the Couch to 5K training. Maybe you can jump in with them! Good luck! I need to get moving too!


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