Friday, October 07, 2011

Boot Camp!

Remember that whole P90X thing I was talking about doing before?

Check here.

Well, I did it a couple of times, but things got in the way and I didn't stick with it.  I just haven't been getting the exercise I need.  So this week, I signed up for a boot camp!  This is a "for-mom's" boot camp.  It's geared towards Mama's looking to lose that baby weight.  They have a two-day a week session and a Saturday morning session.  I had originally thought I would just sign up for the Saturday session, but when I chatted with the ladies about it, they convinced me to sign up for two days.  How did they do that?
I found out that Zoe can go with me to the class if I don't have anyone to watch her.  In fact, a lot of the mom's bring their children.

Perfect!  A big thing holding me back from signing up for a class like this was the fact that I would have to count on Anthony being available when I went to class.  Well, this is the real life, we can't always count on schedules and what-not.  So I signed up!  Zoe may or may not attend with me.

Wish me luck!  This I will stick with, because I just paid for it and I don't want to waste my money.  But also because I want to feel better, sleep better and look better.  And I know a bunch of good healthy exercise will help me get there. :)

Happy Friday!


Amy Hanson said...

Hey, I'm proud of you! I wanted to sign up... buch chickend out. :( I'm around if you want to drop Zoe off. Also, once your session is over, I will do P90X with you!!!!

Dani said...

Yes! A partner in crime! I mean, um, a friend to help me work out. :) It's probably not too late to sign up for the boot camp. :)

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