Friday, October 21, 2011


Hey everyone!  I had my second night of boot camp last night.  I walked (or barely managed to make my way) out of there feeling GREAT.  Of course I was sweaty, probably a little stinky and every muscle ached.  But I really did feel good.

I almost felt like I was coming alive once again.  My body DOES remember this stuff and knows what to do.  I just need to get back into it.  For motivation for myself, I went back and re-read all the posts I wrote in the summer of 2010.  It helped me remember what I did before to lose weight and it also reminded me of the good habits I had let go of.

I definitely need to get those good habits back!

So what motivates you?  The other day I read from someone I know "Ain't no motivation like hot guy in the gym motivation!"  Reading that, I cracked up.  So I want to do you motivate yourself?

By the way...what motivates me?  I'll admit it, vanity and a good night's sleep.  When I was working out regularly and eating healthy I had never felt better and I was sleeping better than ever.  So I want a good night's sleep. :)

This afternoon I plan on getting in two miles walking or jogging with Zoe in the stroller.
Happy Friday everyone!

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ok, did you get the two miles in?

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