Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No More Junk Food.

Well, no more junk food until I lose the weight. :)

See, my reward at the end will be some junk food.  I just need to decide what junk food will be my reward.  It occurred to me the other day that I got used to eating extra food for my pregnancy and for breast feeding and I never really went back to my diet.

So boot camp starts tonight.  So does my diet.

I have been enjoying everything I won't be enjoying for a while!  Went to Wendy's last night for dinner.  Totally stopped and got an ice cream.  Had a Pepsi today.  Ate some fruit snacks (basically candy!) for a snack this afternoon. was fun, but it's over for now. :)

Don't worry I will let myself have a treat once in a while.  If I didn't, then I would binge and go crazy.
It's just that I have to get back to my old way of eating if I want all the weight to come off again.

Again.  So frustrating to have lost all that weight just to gain it back.  Well, most.  I lost 30, now need to lose about 15 to get back where I was.

It's partly the baby (so I got something really good for my weight gain there!) and it's partly me (oops, my own fault for not exercising and eating crap). 

Wish me luck tonight!

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