Monday, October 10, 2011

Still happy.

Have I talked about my insomnia?  I'm still waking up all night.
And the past week Zoe has been waking up at night too.

Plus I gained a few pounds.

BUT....I'm still feeling very good and happy.

Even though my windshield got hit with a big rock and it looks like I'll need it replaced.  Again.  Yep, just had it replaced a few weeks ago.  (sigh)

But I'm still happy.  Life is good.  I feel very fortunate and lucky to be living the life I have.

I wanted to share this video today.  In a world where children have become spoiled brats (please!  let's go back to strict upbringings where kids had respect for adults!) this child is so obviously grateful and humble and good.  At first while viewing, I thought "wow, this is one lucky kid, it's not even her birthday yet and she is getting all these gifts...."  But her reaction at the end .....well, just watch for yourself.
I might be happy....but I don't think I'm as happy as she is. :)

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