Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today I am thankful that my mom has decided to let me have my BodyBugg back.  I had been letting her borrow it so that she could try it out and she has decided that she wants to try another product.  Guess what else?  She bought a subscription to the online service, so I get the remainder of that as well!  An early Christmas present, and I am very excited.

If you have been following my blog for a while,  you may remember when I posted about this product before.  If not, you can go read it here:

While this tool isn't necessary to help me lose weight, it is a BIG help for me.  I'm looking forward to shedding some pounds in the new year (I won't see her to be able to get it until Christmas) but until then, it's my goal to lose at least 5 pounds before I get it.  I want to start off on fire!

Anyone else trying to lose weight?  Don't wait until the New Year, start now so that you will "behave" during the holidays.  Allow yourself some indulgence, but do it with just a bite here or a sip there of those favorite "naughty" foods.  Then you will feel "nice".  And isn't it fun to be both naughty and nice?

Woo hoo BODYBUGG!!! :)

(thanks Mom) :)

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Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in getting the bodybugg, let me know, I'll send you a link. You'll get a special discount and I get a small reward as well. I'll use the reward towards my new product. I bought and extend subscription for Dani, so she is all set until October 2012!!

Love you, Mom

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