Friday, November 11, 2011

I want to share!

So yeah...still blogging...and not writing.

But I have a good excuse!  Remember before when I wrote about my weight loss, I discussed the BodyBugg and how much it helped me? 
See the post here:

Well, not everyone can afford the BodyBugg.  It isn't cheap.  And well, I miss mine.  Where did it go?  I have let someone borrow it for their own weight loss battle.  I'm hoping it will help them out, as it helped me so much. I said.  I miss it.  And then I heard about this product:

What is it?
It's a watch, sort of. It's called the S2H Replay.  You wear and it rewards you for exercise.  What kind of reward?  Well, you get codes that you can use at your favorite merchants, like Or Walmart.  Or Macys.  They have a pedometer than you can use as well.  

So I decided to get the wristband.


Because I got an incredibly good deal.  And you can too!  (do I sound like an informercial yet?)
Make sure you check this out before November 23rd.  (don't worry, I'll remind you....I think, unless I start writing.)

Parents Magazine has one of those "daily deals" type things where you can get one at 50% off!  Only $12.50.  I thought for that price it was worth it to check it out.  I could easily spend more money than that on junk food.  I should warn you that shipping was not cheap, about $6.33 for myself.

Here is the link to the Parents deal:

So how can you thank me for showing you such a neat product and cool deal?   You can use this link to purchase your S2H Replay, it will help me earn some free points!  THANK YOU! :) 
(This is a direct link to the S2H website, but gives me credit.)

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