Tuesday, November 01, 2011

No More Fodder

We got our power back last night!

We didn't even notice at first that the power had returned.  Anthony was outside when he noticed that he could see his shadow (the outside light had come on) and he opened the door and said something to me about the power.  That's when I said "I was wondering what that humming noise was!"  (it was the fridge!)

When we got home from work last night we set out to saving as much of our food as we could.  A lot of stuff in our fridge and a few things in our freezer were given the boot.  Everything in our deep freezer stayed frozen!  (we didn't dare open that up until we got the power back!)  And now our fridge is nice and bright and shiny, because once the power came on and we could see again, we cleaned the you know what out of that fridge and freezer.  We figured we might as well, how often will it be empty anyway?  It now looks brand new!

So last night was Halloween.  Our town has moved it's festivities to next Sunday, which I think is GREAT.  Most (if not all!) should have their power back by then, and I feel like we get to spread out the Halloween celebrating just a little bit longer.  Which means I can dress Zoe in her Halloween outfits for the rest of the week and maybe go find some Halloween things at nice discounts.  But since we got our power back last night AND it was the last day of the month....we had to get our giant 75 pound pumpkin out for Zoe's 7 month old picture.  And oh yeah, we had to carve it and display our jack o' lantern as well. :)

Here it is, I think Anthony is very proud of this pumpkin.

And before we carved a face into it, we did do a picture with Zoe inside of it.

She tolerated the pumpkin long enough for us to get a few pictures.  I have cuter ones than these, again ask me for the website info if you want to see more!

Happy All Saint's Day everyone!


Leontien said...

Ha! i LOVE babies in pumpkins!!! And yes i LOVE your little Zoe in there too!!!

Glad you got your power back!

Big hugs from Indiana

Dani said...

Thank you! And GREAT BIG hugs for you! You Cancer Kicking Butt Super Hero! :) I hope you feel better soon!


Lana said...

How adorable is that little Zoe? Totally missed that you were in the ZONE! Just got out of the combine after three days. Sorry you lost your fridge and freezer stuff, but sometimes it's nice to start fresh! (lemonade out of lemon moment!) Hang in there. Of course this is just the start of the lovely winter season!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dani,

It is always fun to read your blog. I would love to get the website to enjoy the photos of Zoe and watch her grow.
Keep on writing.

Thanks, PattiC

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