Sunday, December 11, 2011

BGMC - Holiday Concert

Tonight I was thankful that Anthony and I are fortunate to know people who would like to babysit for us.  We got to go into the city to see a show and then we went out to dinner after.  We didn't plan on going out to dinner, but we were basically told to stay out late and enjoy our night.  So we did!  It was a date night!  And we hadn't had one since we went to see the Lion King two months ago, so it was VERY nice.

THANK YOU to our babysitters.  We saw a wonderful holiday concert and had a great dinner at a famous chinese restaurant.  We even got a Mai Tai for two with a souvenir glass.  And when we returned to pick up our baby, we were told to go out more often. :)  How lucky are we?

So tonight I am thankful for babysitters who love our baby like grandparents.  We even call them Grammie and Grampa anyway. :)

What show did we see?  We saw the Boston Gay Men's Chorus.  It was a GREAT show.  I highly recommend to go see it if you have the chance.  Only a few more dates left.  This hall had great seating, seriously, not a bad seat in the house, don't be afraid to buy the tickets in the back if that is all that is left.

You can buy tickets here:

And learn more about the chorus here:

I am not posting tomorrow because I want everyone to see this post and go buy tickets to this concert. :)

So what am I thankful for tomorrow?  A few things, but I will leave you with this.  I'm thankful that my friend TC FINALLY listened to me, auditioned for this chorus, and joined.  Because then I was able to get a wonderful date night with my husband and see a friend perform with a professional and amazing singing group.

More on Tuesday!

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