Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hilarious Bloggers

Today I am thankful for bloggers, for giving me something new to read.  I do love reading blogs, especially funny ones.  I wish I was a bit funnier so that I could amuse my audience as well.

Today I read this:

And I laughed, and laughed and laughed.  Mostly because I have seen the Honey Badger video and thought it was pretty funny.  Want to see the Honey Badger video?

Honey Badger Video

It's pretty hilarious, there are swear words, so keep the volume on low if you don't want anyone to hear it.

Okay, so back to the blog post.  Basically, the end of the post states something about "using fear to control our children's behavior."  And, um, isn't this what ALL parents should be using??  Isn't this what I grew up with?  Yes, we wanted to please our parents and make them happy but weren't we also AFRAID of consequences?

Anyway, we won't be doing the "Elf on a Shelf" in our house.  First of all, it's commercialized and I'm mad that I didn't come up with it first. :)  Second of all, I want good behavior ALL year long.  Not just at Christmas.

Now I need to go find my Honey Badger Fairy.

And oh yeah, today I am thankful for bloggers.  To my blogger friends, you know who you are, THANK YOU. :)

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