Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My husband can cook.

Lucky me, I have a husband who cooks.  He doesn't just make a sandwich, he is like my own personal chef!  (Now I just need a maid too...)

He makes a lot of food from scratch and he generally makes very healthy choices.  He likes to mix it up too, so I have tried a lot of things I never thought I would eat before.  So am I thankful he can cook?  You bet!

Today I am thankful that he made some veggies the other night.  Spinach, red pepper, mushrooms and I'm sure there's some other stuff.  Must be a spicy pepper too because it was spicy.  And I got to eat this with my lunch today.  So today I am thankful for my husband making such wonderful meals so that I could eat a lot of veggies today.

I'm pretty sure it's the butter, but normally I wouldn't eat mushrooms. :)  Mmmm, veggies with butter!

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